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Video Tape Recording Recovery Service

about DVDedit
Set up in May 2005 by Michael Plant, DVDedit is a small independent business, specialising in producing DVDs from your VHS Video and Camcorder tapes / discs

 Due to the current situation at this time in the UK, we are concentrating our efforts on rescueing and recovering important personal memories from your videotapes.

To cope with the increase in rescue and recovery work some of our services are currently suspended I appreciate your help and understanding with this.

Thank you

Updated May 2020

Creating DVDs from your more Seriously damaged and contaminated videotapes

Our  Video tape recording Recovery Service is available for the following UK tape formats

 VHS, SVHS, VHSC, SVHSC, video8 ,Hi8 video tapes only

Please Note! This service is NOT for digital tapes i.e. mini DV or digital 8

Although most video recordings can be restored with our Rescue Service there are some situations where this is not possible or we can capture more or a better quality sound and/ or picture if further recovery work is carried out.

The entire process is carried out by hand and is very labour intensive and is therefore considerably more expensive than our standard videotape rescue and transfer to DVD service.

How does it work

You place an order for our Mould and Flood damaged Videotape Rescue service if we believe that we can either improve the quality or recover more recording with additional work I will contact you usually by e-mail to let you know ,giving you an indication of what we can potentially achieve for you the estimated time scale etc.

How much does it cost

You initially order our Mould and Flood damaged Video Tape Rescue Service currently £29 if additional recovery work is appropriate I will advise you of the potential additional cost currently £30 per hour worked.