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Customer feedback and Testimonials

about DVDedit
Set up in May 2005 by Michael Plant, DVDedit is a small independent business, specialising in producing DVDs from your VHS Video and Camcorder tapes / discs

 Due to the current situation at this time in the UK, we are concentrating our efforts on rescueing and recovering important personal memories from your videotapes.

To cope with the increase in rescue and recovery work some of our services are currently suspended I appreciate your help and understanding with this.

Thank you

Customer Feedback and Testimonials

Customer feedback and testimonials received by e-mail with personal references removed to maintain privacy

Hi Micheal,

The DVD has arrived, thank you. It has brought back many happy memories.

Thank you for the excellent service, I shall certainly recommend you to friends.

Many thanks.  


I am writing to advise you that the DVD arrived safely today & I am so delighted with it (despite floods of tears!).
I would like another copy so perhaps you would let me know the cost so I can forward the money to you.
Many thanks


Hi Michael,
I’ve received my DVD ,
Thankyou so much for repairing my cassette it’s perfect ,
thanks for bringing our memories back to life !!!
Please dispose of cassettes with ever way easiest for you ,
many many thanks  

West Yorkshire

Thank you
DVD has arrived its turned out better than I thought
I'm so grateful as there are so many people on it who have passed away some very young on that disc.
Thank you again  


Hi Michael,

I think you have done wonders with both the videos. I'm amazed that you actually got the sound back on tape 1.
I know the quality of tape 2 was terrible but you have managed to make it watchable and I am very grateful to you. A really good job as usual.
You can dispose of the two videos as the DVDs you sent me are fine.
I am still looking through all my old video tapes and will get in touch with you next year.
Thank you once again.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  


In the late 70s I inherited some old Cine film from the 50s and 60s and a projector. This kept us entertained through the 80s but obviously the tech was wearing out so I had them transferred to VHS. Again the tape was passed around the family but as VHS went out of fashion the tape was put into a cupboard for years. Having found it I was disappointed to find it covered in white dust (mould). And most of the websites I went on told me to forget about it, it was unusable. However having seen the DVDedit website and it’s testimonials I thought I would give it a try. Well am glad I did. They have managed to clean the tape and get it copied into dvd. I am really pleased with this as I thought they were lost forever.
Thank you DVDedit for your swift and great service. I would definitely recommend.


Good morning Michael,

DVD’s received this morning. Thank you.

Excellent service.

We will be sure to recommend your services to our friends.

Thank you again  


Dear Michael,

Thank you so much for your help recovering this precious family video onto a DVD which is enormously appreciated.

Thank you also for keeping me up to date about progress with this.

I will certainly be in touch for your help in the near future.

All the best,  


My sister’s 40th birthday was coming up so I decided to get some videos transferred. To my horror a very special tape was sent back from a different company stating it was moldy and nothing could be done. After a little bit of research I found Michael Plant; sent off my video and hoped for the best.

The service from Michael was amazing, he kept in touch with me every step of the way and was honest about what to expect. I received my dvd back in good time and it has exceeded expectations. I expected nothing back or only tiny bits as the tape was quite damaged, but most of it is there and it gave me such delight to see lost family memories.

I can’t recommend him enough!

Thank you again!!

West Yorkshire

Hi Michael

Many thanks, DVD's received and I have spent a very happy weekend going down 'memory lane'. I am delighted that they have been rescued from the mouldy tapes.

Best wishes


Hi Michael

Just wanted to send a quick email to say I received the DVDs yesterday and watched them last night.
I am so happy with what you have done for me and really do appreciate it.
Thank you again.
Will defo be recommending your service


Hi Michael

Both DVD's all good, thank you.
To think that baby lives upcountry with a good job and with his own toddler!
I am sure he will get a lot of pleasure out of your work.
Many, many thanks and in a little while we will be sending more for you to do.
I have told my niece what a brilliant job you have done as she has a few VHS tapes that are mouldy so as soon as the tourist season restarts down here I am sure it won't be long before you are hearing from her.


Hi Michael

I have received my dvd today and it’s perfect!
Thank you so very much it means the world.
I will recommend you highly to my family and friends.
Thanks again

South Yorkshire

Hi Michael

Thank you very much, received the discs and you have done a great job.
It's lovely to be able to watch it properly, thank you once again.


Dear Michael

I received the DVDs yesterday with Mich excitement.
We’ve watched the first one and it was so special to see some of the loved ones that have left us.
Thank you so much for your amazing work
Much appreciated


Dear Michael

Thank you for the brilliant restoration of the VHS and the DVD’s of my Grandfather. You have made all the family so happy.

thanks again


Dear Michael

Just to confirm that we have received the DVD and thank you very much for completing this so quickly.
We are very impressed by the service you provide and will definitely recommend you to everyone.

thanks again


Hello Michael, Good news, the parcel of ‘----- ----’ DVDs arrived safely today. Once again a BIG THANK YOU for all your wonderful work and help especially for holding them for a year, very much appreciated.
Hope to be do business with you sometime in the future. Incidentally, one of my work colleagues asked me for your details, so you may get some more work from her in the future.
All the very best.


I received the DVD this morning.   Many thanks for your work.   I will be happy to recommend you to friends.  


Hi Michael,

Just to let you know that the DVD and data disc arrived safely and I am very happy with the result. The VHS tape was unwatchable due to the flicker and drag, but this transfer has not only stabilised it enough to enjoy as casual viewing, but it has also allowed me to re-edit the documentary and cleanly splice in other "direct from 8mm" footage with little indication that they are from completely different sources.

Thanks once again!


Thankyou so much.
The service you provide is amazing.
Have chucked your name about a bit as the best,caring service I've known for a long time
Hope you can cope with the business.....


Michael, I honestly can’t thank you enough for all your wonderful work and quick service in saving this unique event for me.
As previously mentioned, I do have other VHS that I may wish to transfer at a later date, so I do plan on coming back sometime in the future.
All the very best and THANK YOU again.


All I can say is:- Thanks a million! It's obvious that a lot of thought went into building your very efficient and courteous business.
Today, I received the DVD and ran it, and am pleased to report that everything is tickety-boo!
Probably be in touch about the Hi 8 things that need cleaning up.
Thank you very much, Michael


I have received my DVD and watched it . It made me laugh and cry to watch all the old memories.
I had taken in to (_________) before sending it to you and they sent it away and said it was too mouldy to do so I thought it was impossible . So Thankyou very much , I really appreciate it.
I also have some more videos that are mouldy and will send you some more in time for you to do your magic !


Many thanks I have received the DVDs today and I am very pleased that you were able to rescue the content and I am also thrilled with the quality.

West Glamorgan

I can’t tell you how happy I am I really can’t thank you all so much if their is anything I can do put a comment anywhere I will, am so so happy thank you again.


Hi Michael

The dvds arrived safely and I am so happy that you managed to transfer the mouldy video tape.
It was amazing being able to view these old family memories again.
Great work - thank you so much for a great service.


! Am very pleased with the work done
! Will be looking at having 2 more home videos done again in the future thank you


Thank Michael - you’ve done a great job on the transfer to DVD. Thank you.


You have done a fantastic job on rescuing a precious memory for us, we watched last night and loved it


Hi Michael
I don't quite know how you've managed to do this - your amazing. Anything that you have managed to attentively rescue regardless of the quality, is very much appreciated. We thought that we would never be able to watch any of it again.
Thank you for all your patience and time you have spent on this and for the advice.


Hi Michael
DVDs arrived yesterday and I am very happy with them. Originally I had brought the tape to a local "specialist" who advised that nothing could be done to save the tape. Their actual words were that I was as well to Just throw it in the bin because it was destroyed. So I am delighted I did not take their advice and found yourself. I will be recommending your services to friends and family and whoever else mentions VHS in front of me!

Co Down

Hi Michael
Just to confirm the dvd has arrived safely and is perfect!
Thank you so much, our memories have been restored, some nearly as old as 20 years ago! Great serviceThank you again


Hi Michael
Thank you for sorting out the problems. I'm mega impressed with your service and have quite a few tapes to check through with a view to putting them on to DVD, so you'll probably be hearing more from me.
Thanks again

Milford Haven

Hi Michael

DVD received all good

Thanks again for quick turnaround


Dear Michael,
The parcel has arrived safely. Very many thanks for rescuing this much-loved film for me.


Hi Michael,
Just to let you know that I received my DVD today, thank you so much, I thought it was lost forever! I have an trying to get out of the camcorder to no avail yet but will send it on if I do.


Dear Michael,
Thank you so much for my dvd. What quick service! I am thrilled with the results especially as others said it was not possible to repair.
Many many thanks,


Dear Michael.
I have received the DVD this morning (and watched it) many thanks it is brilliant.


Thankyou for the copy,it is excellent and are you sure their is no extra cost. Hi Michael
Received the DVDs on Friday. I have checked them out over the weekend and I’m happy with results.
Thank you for prompt and courteous service. If I find any more old videos I’ll be sure to use your firm


After discovering all of the home movies from my childhood were riddled with mould I was completely heartbroken with my local video store telling me there was nothing I could do with them.

I started researching online for a specialist which is where I found Michael at DVD edit. I was a bit sceptical at first to send the tapes and money off to a complete stranger but you are protected via pay pal and I didn't really have anything to loose as no one else would work on my tapes.

Micheal was fantastic end to end answering all my questions before I sent the tapes, during the process and once I had received the dvds. He is 100% professional and updates you at every stage. He also got all of my tapes back to me within 10 working days ready for Christmas at no extra cost which was amazing and I cannot thank him enough!

I would whole heartedly recommend DVD edit to anyone looking to develop damaged tapes but any tapes just in general too. Prices are fair and Micheal will work with you to find a fair solution should any extra work be required.

I will definitely be using DVD edit for all future development needs. 10/10 service all round.

East Sussex

Michael, the dvds arrived yesterday - they all look great, thanks so much for getting it done before christmas!
Really appreciate it


Hi Michael,
Well the DVD arrived today, absolutely brilliant!
As explained in the note I sent, the tape was written off by --- -------- three years ago, I am so glad we didn't bin it.
I must also thank you for your prompt service and honesty, you could of quite easily of claimed that more work was required and charged accordingly.
So having saved a precious memory thought lost, you have made our Christmas, thanks again,


Hi Michael
Just to let you know I have received the DVD's back. Great job, thanks


I just wanted to write and thank you for your fantastic service.The tape that I sent you was damaged and we genuinely thought that it was gone. We had previously taken it to a local shop who managed to retrieve only 25 minutes, the rest appeared to have been erased. The tape contained not only my wedding video but also irreplaceable footage of my mother who died on May 22 There was other footage of family members that would have been lost forever were it not for your skill in retrieving it.

I would wholeheartedly recommend your service to anyone who needs vhs to dvd transfers.

Thank you so much once agai., feel free to use this testimonial if you wish

Hi Michael,
Can I just say that we are really pleased with what you managed to do with our video, I know you said it wasn't brilliant, but to be fair to you, you've done a great job.. If we manage to find the original we will be sending to you to be fixed. We will most certainly be using you again and we actually have loads of tapes to be transfered over to DVD, my husband used to be a boxer and all his videos need transfered. So I will be in touch really soon.


Good morning Micheal,
Just to let you know that the DVD you sent has arrived this morning. Much appreciated.
Please can you dispose of the old broken tape.
Would use your services again, I'm very impressed


Dear Michael,
DVDs received safely and have just been watching on my 27” iMac.
Thank you for a good rescue job.

Many thanks for sending the DVDs, I have received them safely, and have been able to view these entirely. They are wonderful, and am so grateful that you have been able to save and restore most of the footage on these, considering the severe damp and torn conditions they were in! These are such precious memories, I will cherish!
I will recommend your services, and would certainly use DVDedit again in the near future


DVDs arrived safely. Thanks so much for salvaging some special moments!
Thanks again for great service.


Hi Michael
Thank you so much for the dvd – the tape contained some very very treasured memories that I had forgotten we had videoed.
The service has been brilliant and I will make sure that I recommend you to anyone who needs your services


Hi Michael,
Just to let you know that the DVDs have arrived safely - and they're wonderful.
Thank you so much,


I have watched one DVD, I assume they are both the same, a vast improvement


Hello Michael
Thank you very much for the rescue work you did on my two Videos and I confirm Ireceived the DVDs yesterday. I have had a brief look at some of the content and I am very pleased with what I have seen and will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and family.


Hi Michael
It's arrived and I'm very pleased with what you've been able to salvage
Many thanks for the extremely quick return.
Excellent service


Hi Michael,
Thank you for sending the VHS back and thank you so much for the great work on the DVD, it was amazing!
You did such a great job and we are really grateful.

West Sussex

Hi Michael
I've received and checked the DVDs and all looks good.
Many thanks for your fast and efficient service.


Hi Michael , dvds arrived today - great job , thank you.


Hi Michael,
I have received and watched the DVDs and all is fine thank you. Is it too late to order an extra copy of each for £5 before you send the videos back? I will be having about 6 more videos rescued.
Many Thanks


Post received today. Thanks for the videos, Great work, really appreciated it. Thanks agian Thank you so much for the DVD’s - a great service!

West Sussex

Hi Michael,

I am pleased to say that the DVDs arrived safely yesterday. Thank you very much for rescuing the damaged tapes. We are very happy with the result.


Thank you so much Michael
I cant thank you enough. Pictures that I thought had been lost forever have been brought back to life
You are so incredibly fast and efficient and I am so delighted with the result.
Thank you so much

West Sussex

Michael, received and all in order.
Thanks very much for preserving these old videos


Michael we received this on Saturday morning and are really pleased with the result.

South Yorkshire

Hi Michael,
Yes I can confirm the DVD arrived safely.I am really impressed with the quality of service, not just the quick turn around but also the e-mails to keep me updated were appreciated.
Should I need to I will definitely use you again.
Many thanks,


Just to let you know parcel arrived safely today and thank you very much for putting my video on dvd
I am Very happy
thanks again


Dear Michael -
the DVDs arrived safely- thank you-
excellent service


Hi Michael
I have received the dvd and would recommend your services
I very much appreciate your professionalism and the good quality of your work
I have more videos that need sorting out and am going to send you 5hese in due course
Once again thank you very much


Hi Michael
Just to let you know that the DVD arrived safely today.

I have been putting old video tapes onto DVD but was disappointed to find we had problems with the cassette of my 13 year old garndson's first Christmas in 2001, as the tape had broken. I had actually put the cassette into the bin when my daughter suggested I search for the internet for any business that could help us!

We extremely pleased with the DVD and appreciative of your first class and speedy personal service. We had great enjoyment this afternoon watching the early antics of a now nearly 6ft teenager!


DVD arrived safely today and all is well.Thank you for your prompt attention and for saving my tape - I would been very sad to have lost it.
Thanks again,

Burton on Trent

Can I just say how efficient and courteous you and your company have been.
The complete opposite to (_______) who I regretfully sent my VHS to originally.
I wish I had of discovered your company sooner and will recommend you to my friends.
You have provided excellent customer service.

Thanks again

County down

DVDs received safely
Thank you again for the outstanding service


GREAT 5 star service
Michael was quick to help me and always kept me updated.
I would definitely use him again.
Very good value for money.

Just To Let you know that I received the DVD today.
Thank you very much and well done - I am over the moon.


Dear Michael,
The DVD which you supplied from the broken tape which I sent to you arrived today.
I want to thank you for your very prompt service. The quality of the DVD was very good.
We are just relieved that the video record has been preserved.
There will be no need to your to return the tape.
Many thanks


DVD had arrived and viewed. Thanks you have done a great rescue job!
Will recommend you when the opportunity arises.

Sent from my iPhone

Thanks, tapes/DVDs have arrived safely today another good job well done.


I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your work recovering the images from our tapes. We were highly impressed with your attentive service and the quality of the result. I would happily recommend you to friends and family (indeed I already have). If I stumble upon any more long forgotten tapes I will be back for your services again.

West Yorkshire

Dear Michael
Just a quick email to say thanks so much for rescuing the content on the damaged video tape. You did a fantastic job and it' so reassuring to know that we can watch it again on DVD.

North Yorkshire

Thanks Michael
DVD fine, so please go ahead and destroy the original. Thanks very much - very impressed with the service. My wife has already mentioned it to several friends.


We received the DVD's on Saturday. Thank you, we are really pleased with them


Hi, Michael,
Thanks very much. DVD's received safely today. We've gone through them all and they are fabulous.
I can't wait to show the boys.
I now have to try and find the other tapes we are sure we have.


Happy customer is a massive understatement.
I have already recommended your service and haven't stopped going on about your fantastic service for weeks now.
I will definitely be passing your details on.
I still can't quite believe it!
Thank you Michael so much.


Thanks Michael,
Great service, it arrived today and watched it this evening , all good , many thanks again


Hi Michael
My dvds arrived today and im absolutely thrilled with them. The one that had snapped 10 years ago has been brought back to life having been devastated that it broke. And our wedding dvd to surprise my husband on our anniversary this Friday!
Thank you so so much! First class service!!


I received the DVD and all is good. My mother will be delighted with her 60th birthday present!


Thanks very much for doing my dvds
You provided an excellent service I must admit
I will recommend your company to all my family and friends

Dear Michael, I would confirm that I received the 4 DVD sets of my grandson, _________.
Many thanks for your service. It is much appreciated.
With best regards,


Splendid job – thank you for all the attention you have given to the GW concert recordings.


Hello Michael
Sorry that I did not reply before but the internet was down in the west country but I received the parcel yesterday and we have played it and pleased that we still have some memories.
A big thank you for doing this for us.


Good evening Michael
The DVDs have arrived safely, thank you. I have watched a bit of the first one, and am amazed at the quality. Thank you so much. I really am very grateful and hope you will be able to transfer some more for me in the very near future.
I have been talking about your service to several friends, so I'm sure you will be getting a few more people contacting you.
Thank you again.

I am absolutely thrilled with the DVDs, thank you so much. The quality of the picture and sound is amazing. I can't believe I nearly threw the video's in the bin after the local company said they were ruined!
I will definitely be sending more off to you in the very near future
Michael, The DVD's arrived this morning, thanks for such great service its much appreciated.


Hi Michael,
Many thanks for the DVD's, both work excellently , top class service.
I will certainly recommend you to anyone needing the same.


Dear Michael,
Thank you very much for your excellent and very efficient service. We watched the DVD yesterday evening and are very pleased with the result.


Dear Michael,
DVD received safely earlier today.
Both the quality of the DVD and that of your service were excellent.
Many thanks for your help....have a very happy Christmas!


Hi Michael
I have received the DVD's
I am so grateful and my wife will be very happy when she opens them on Xmas day.
Many thanks for all your help and great work
Have a lovely Xmas

North Yorkshire

Thank you so much.
DVDs arrived and money refunded.
Service brilliant as ever.
That is all of my memories safe
Thank you

East Sussex

Thank you for getting the DVD to me for Christmas, we watched it on Christmas day with much hilarity - it was perfect! I have also just found 3 camcorder cassettes (VHSC) that I never got round to transferring to video so I will be sending these to you very soon.
Mr Plant,
The DVD has now arrived.
You have done a great job of rescuing a very sick tape.

I'm pleased to tell you that we have received the DVD's OK and they work perfectly.
Thank you very much for a good product and service, we will certainly recommend you in the future.


The DVD's arrived Saturday.
They are fantastic.
I cannot thank you enough.
Many thanks.

West Sussex

Hi Michael, the DVD has arrived today.
Thank you so much, it is absolutely brilliant! I didn't think I'd ever be able to watch all this footage again! I will be sending several more soon to be restored soon. Many thanks


DVDs recieved and couldn't be happier for what you have done for me and my family.


Thank you for a wonderful service
I passed your details onto a photography shop in  Bristol who I’ve used for VT transfer in the past, he was unable to help with the damaged tape that you have sorted for me. He was pleased to know of someone he could potentially refer customers to in the future. Thanks again


It is brilliant thank you


Thank you very much - showed it to the students this morning!
I would be happy to recommend your service to anyone.

St Andrews

Dear Michael, I am so pleased that you were able to rescue the film for me as it just couldn't be replaced, I was amazed that you were able to get such good quality from a film that had been in a flood. When I sort out the other films I  have I will be sending them to you and I will also recommend your service to everyone I know, being sent an email when you received my film and also when you sent the dvd back was very reassuring because it was such an important film.Thank you very much and I will contact you soon about the other films.


Hi, Michael,
DVDs have arrived.
Fast and perfect, many thanks!


Hi Michael,
Just wanted to say thanks and comment on what a great service you provide.  I was quoted about £25 from a High St provider for the same thing..!
Thanks again…


I would just like to say thank you very much for restoring some of my very precious memories. The service I received from your company was fantastic and I would be happy to recommend you to others.


I just received the dvds and they are great....thanks so much for rescuing this video!


Hi Michael the tapes are great amazing work, very happy indeed!
I will be sending you some more:)
thanks again

thank you for the fast turn around very pleased with result


I have received my DVDs and am delighted with the quality and the service.
Thank you so much.
I may have two more to send to you in the future.


all well: it arrived today and we are delighted with it, so thank you very much. It was very very worthwhile


I received the dvd today and have watched it. It's brilliant thank you, very happy.


Tremendous service!
I have already told several people about what you do, and shall continue to do so.

East Yorkshire

Thanks for the excellent service.


Was so relieved that you could repair it and put in onto DVD - thank you! Great service!


Many thanks for your help with this, we will definitely be using you again in the future!


Hi, Michael
many thanks, have received the DVD.
Great service


Many thanks, a superb service. hi micheal just to let you know ive received my dvd's and they are splendid .thankyou


Hi Michael recieved the DVDs they are great thanks !


Received the DVD, My friends are over the moon with joy Many thanks for your efforts on our behalf. Michael, the discs worked perfectly. Thanks for your excellent service and support - please quote me if you wish!
I've recommended you to friends so how you may get some more business as a result.
Many thanks,


All received thanks.
Just destroy the old tape and many thanks for all your help

West Devon

Great job! The DVDs arrived today & I'm very pleased considering the quality of the filming you got from me.........!

Co Londonderry

Hi Michael
Many thanks for the DVD - it's working perfectly. The tape was the only action record we had of our 30th anniversary so you can imagine that we were gutted when the tape snapped. You've come to our rescue with your wonderful service.
Best wishes


Hi Michael got the dvds
Many thanks they are a whole lot better than I expected. I have recommended you to two people already.
My DVD is great thank you!


Hi Michael,
just to let you know that the tape worked perfectly. I've now backed it up to another blank tape, and will make a couple of other backups just in case. The music I thought I'd lost was all there,
so thanks again.
One very satisfied customer,

West Yorkshire

Hi Michael,
Just to let you know the DVD arrived today - we've watched it and it's all fine.
Thank you so much for your prompt efficient service - much appreciated.
With kind regards,


Dear Michael
Just to let you know that my DVDs arrived safely and all is well.  Thank you very much.  I'll be sending you some more soon.
Best wishes


Hi Michael,
Gratefully received and I have watched it without any problems.
I have many more tapes that I would like transferred to DVD.


Hi Michael,
The DVDs arrived safely yesterday and we spent the evening looking at family footage from 25 years ago that I thought I’d never see again.
I really am delighted at the quality, service turnaround and your communications have been great to let me know of the status of the tapes/ DVDS.
Thank you so much again for your very professional work and first class service.
Kind regards
ps I know you get lots of excellent feedback but please use the above if you think it’s up to scratch
DVDs are excellent and have been very well received by the family.


Hi Michael,
The DVDs arrived safely yesterday and we spent the evening looking at family footage from 25 years ago that I thought I’d never see again.
I really am delighted at the quality, service turnaround and your communications have been great to let me know of the status of the tapes/ DVDS.
Thank you so much again for your very professional work and first class service. DVD received yesterday. Thank you for saving our precious memories.


Many thanks for the beautifully presented DVD which arrived this morning safely and in perfect condition. I'm absolutely delighted with the fantastic results - an incredibly high quality transfer. Thank you for saving and restoring such a rare documentary. Your brilliant service and kindness is very much appreciated. Will definitely be a return customer.
Thank you again Michael for providing such a fabulous, high quality service.

Tyne and Wear

DVD’s received and distributed, thank you so much Michael, marvellous again.
Expect we’ll be in touch again, for the Nativity productions, if not before.


Hi Michael,
I can confirm I collected the DVD's from the post office today and have watched parts from all and I am thrilled with the results, although they are not worth anything else to anybody else to me they were priceless.
Thank you so much, I hope you don't mind but I have recommended and given your details to -------- the company that dried us out, they go to people with flood and fire damage so you may get others needing your services from them.
Thank you again


Hello Michael,
DVD received, thank you, all OK, Excellent service.


Hi Michael
Many thanks for the DVDs. Some of them were a gift and I am waiting to hear that all is well before I say OK to disposal of the tapes, if that is OK.The ones I have seen are fab - thanks so much.


Hi Michael,
Just to let you know I've received my DVD's safely and they work perfectly.
Thank you for the great job on recovering one broken video tape and copying another.
I'd recommend you to anyone, any day.
Thanks again


Hi Michael, Happy new year to you.
The DVD has arrived safely and I thank you for that. I was wondering if you could hang on to the original recording for a couple of months. The reason being is that the DVD is actually my Mum's and will be seeing her in March.
I am after no refund for the 2 unused disc from yourself and applaud your honesty. As I personally don't own any video tapes the chances of using your service again are slim however I will point others in your direction if faced with a similar problem.
As far as I am concerned the financial side of our relationship is closed and wish you and your company all the best for 2013 and the future to come.
Thanks once again for an excellent service  10/10

West Midlands

Hi Michael,
The DVD arrived this morning. You have done an excellent job. The quality is much better than I expected.
I have just posted another Video Tape to you.
Thanks again


Hi Michael,
 Received with thanks – brilliant work!
I received the DVDs and tapes yesterday, and I wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on these they look great! I'm sure my family will be really pleased with the DVDs, so much appreciated. I'll definitely recommend you to friends and family.
Have a lovely Christmas!


Hello Michael,
Thank you once again for rescuing my vidios and putting them on DVDs. The DVDs have safely arrived. Thanks again for a great service.

Dear Michael,
Just to let you know I received the DVDs yesterday and I am delighted that you could fix them. Thank you very much for you getting it done so quickly, and also for providing me with a duplicate for that last film too.
Would you like me to write a review to recommend you
Rating (Cost / Customer Service / Quality) : 5 / 5 / 5

I was worried that my videos were beyond repair, but DVD Edit managed to fix them - the quality is superb and I am so happy to have these special home videos brought back to life! I received a friendly, polite and professional service, and was kept up-to-date throughout the process. I was never made to feel like a nuisance with any questions that I had and I always received a swift, friendly and helpful response. I couldn't recommend DVD Edit highly enough - an utterly brilliant job done. Thank you very much! 


Dear Michael

Many, many thanks.  The DVDs arrived safely today.
Thank you so much for restoring our memories to a format that will stand the test of time!

DVD have arrived and play OK.
Very impressed with your service.

 Hi michael

I have just picked up my DVDs from the post office and checked them all at home in the DVD player . I would just like to say how good your service has been. From your website and all the e mail that you have sent me to keep me up to date with everything . Never did I think for 1 minute I would be able to watch the 2 broken videos again !!! Thank you so much for everything you have done I will be telling everyone that has old home videos to send them to you.
Thanks again. 

Hi Michael

Just fetched the DVD from the post office. I'm just thrilled with the result!!
Thank you so much. Everything smooth and quick!
Best Wishes,


Michael, dvd arrived today, fabulous, thank you so much, thought the old footage was lost forever, will definatly recommend you to my family and friends, thank you

I very much appreciate the whole service that you have provided, including all the communications.  I would have no problems referring your company to family and friends

We really thought there was no hope when we found the VHS tape had gone mouldy, so I can't express how pleased we are with your service. Speedy & professional - I will definitely recommend you!

I have watched all of the dvd's and they are perfect, it was so nice to watch them! Thank you so much for your help. I truly appreciate it.


Dear Michael,
I am pleased to advise you that the DVD arrived safely today, and I am delighted with the result.
I will recommend your service to anyone who suffers a broken tape.   Your service and personal attention are simply brilliant.
Thanks to you I will be able to show recordings of my grandchildren, which I thought I would never be able to do.
Many thanks
Hi Michael,
I just wanted to thank you very much for editing the wedding dvd for me. I watched it at the weekend before passing it on to the bride & groom. It was fantastic a lovely memory of a special day.
I really appreciate everything you did to help me.
 Thank you,


Hi Michael.Our dvd has arrived safely and thankyou for bringing our Video cassette back to life to
dvd.We are all over the moon fantastic job.THANKS AGAIN. 


The DVD arrived in this mornings post. I have watched it and am really very pleased with the result. Some of the film was of my wife's mother, walking outside, before she became severely disabled. To see this after so many years is brilliant. Thank you very much for what you have done and so quick as well! Old tape was only posted to you on Tuesday and DVD arrives today, Saturday. Wow!
I read your e-mail and as the old tape is so bad and can't be played, then I am happy to let you dispose of it as you please.
Thanks again and I will certainly recommend you to anyone looking for help with DVD's.


Dear Michael

My two DVDs arrived safely this morning.

May I Congratulate you on your first class professional work and I will tell my friends about the excellent service.

Yours sincerely


Thank you for the fast return of the DVD. It works perfectly.I do have other tapes which need to be put onto dvd, so i wont need the £10 returned back to paypal, i am happy for it to be credited against a future order.

Just received the DVD today, the quality is superb! i cant thank you enough, i thought this vhs was completely gone! 

Hi Michael, thank you for the dvds that arrived safely. My mother-in-law was thrilled to see the show which she only had on video. I can confirm that you can now dispose of the video.
Thanks again for a great service,


Dear Michael 
I have received back the DVDs that you have created from the VHS tape that I sent you.  I am astounded at the results.  The VHS tape has deteriorated very badly over the years to the extent that much of it was unplayable.  The DVDs you have created from it are of practically perfect quality.  There are not enough words in the English language to express my delight at the results.  You have rescued for me some very precious memories of the early life of my only grandson and I am so grateful.
With work of this quality you are unlikely to need any recommendations but if you do then you are very welcome to pass on my telephone number to anybody that makes enquiries of your work.
Thank you so much.

Hi Michael

My DVDs have arrived safely. I cannot thank you enough for the recovery work that you carried out on a very old and poor quality tape. I am absolutely delighted with the result as are my children. They are particularly pleased that they have been able to see and hear their grandparents again who sadly passed away some years ago, and relive their own childhood memories. As for the grandchildren well what can I say they think it fantastic and really funny to see their parents as children. Wonderful service would highly recommend you and again thank you so very very much.


thank you so much the DVD arrived and is fantastic. 
Thank you for rescuing it


Hi Michael
Thank you very much I have received my dvd this morning. I am very pleased with it. Please can you dispose of the tape now i dont need it .
I have posted another tape to you yesterday.

Thank you so much! (VHS tape now redundant - bin it please!). Probably best ever in a long series; I look forward to showing this one to friends and fellow performers - and recommending your service
Best wishes,

Dear Michael
We have returned from holiday and have watched our DVD. Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how special it was for us all (including mum) to see and hear dad again.
Very best wishes

Hi Michael.
Just to confirm that the DVD’s arrived safely today. Have tried one and although the sound appears to be rather odd, which I think may be because the wind noise has been reduced, all appears ok.
More to follow later this month.
Best regards and many thanks for an excellent service.

Dear Michael- Thankyou I have received the DVD's and everything is fine. I haven't checked the MPEG files so far but I'm sure they'll  be OK. We were really pleased to be able to relive some old memories which we thought we'd lost. Thanks for your very efficient and professional service. I will certainly recommend you to all my friends and family


DVDs arrived safely,
 Many thanks for your excellent service.


Dear Michael Plant and staff,
In early December I delivered my VHS '1988 family' tape to a local technician for transfer to DVD. Several days later I was told that the tape content was irretrievable and should be binned; the tape had snapped when he unspooled it,
mould was evident and the tape was wet.
Fortunately I retreived the damaged tape, researched the internet and discovered the excellent DVDedit website. 

DVDedit managed to perform an unexpected miracle -- rescue and resurrect the damaged tape in its entirety  without any loss of sound or picture quality prior to DVD transfer.

I am extremely grateful and impressed by the expertise, service turnaround and excellent value.
From my experience the Google rating of 4.9 out of 5 undervalues your performance; it should read 5.1 out of 5.
Best wishes and thanks for an excellent job. Long may you prosper.

Just to let you know the DVD has arrived this morning and plays fine - thanks very much!

Hi Michael, DVD just arrived. Excellent service and excellent conversion. We are very pleased with the outcome after the tape broke.

Many Thanks for your help.


I have received the DVDs in the post today and they are perfect thank you very much

Thanks for the excellent service - DVD has arrived with no problems.  I will use your service again!

i would just like to say that i received my two copies of the bungee ball jump and both are working perfectly. can i just take this oportunity to thank you so so much as i didnt think it was ever possible to view it again seeing as the VHS was broken. i hadnt seen the footage since 2003 so it was a great memory seeing it again. its worth every penny. will definitely recommend you to everyone if they ever have any problems . many thanks again


Mr Plant,
Thanks for the e-mail; DVDs have arrived  OK, and are of the quality I was hoping for. I'm posting another couple of VHS tapes to you today,  this time  confident in expecting excellent results!


Dear Michael
DVD,s arrived safely, excellent service please dispose of the tape


Dear Michael,
Thanks for rescuing the footage from my MiniDV tape.  It works perfectly and looks great.  Many thanks.

I have received your DVD - sorry I have only just been able to watch it - excellent as before. Have a lovely Christmas and a good and peaceful new year - I've lots more tapes to come!

Thanks Michael, these are great, many thanks.

The DVDs have been with me for a while now and they are excellent - thank you.

thank you for the dvds, they have brought back some wonderful memories. My husband is going to have a real surprise on Christmas day!

I got back today and watched the DVD. It's perfect and just what we wanted.
I'm so impressed with you and your company. The service has been both professional and friendly from the start. This was my third attempt at getting the wedding reception dvd we wanted. The first company we found on line did not have the facilities to be able to do the work properly. The second company (_______________.co.uk) really let me down. They initially told me they could do it and then months later, when I chased them up, told me it was too difficult and they had given up!
The job wasn't straight forward due to the different recording resolutions used and you came up with the same problems as the other company must have. The difference being rather then give up you persevered and as a result found the solution very quickly. The result being we got the finished article we had almost given up on getting and in a turn around time that was far then less then the other company took to tell me they couldn't do it!
Next time I need any editing done I wont need to go back to google I'll be coming straight back to you! I would not hesitate to recommend you and your company to anybody and would be more then happy for this to be used as evidence of such.
Thanks again for all your help and the excellent job done!

Item received many thanks its great.

Dear  Michael,
All arrived safely.  Thank you once again.  They are brilliant.


All DVDs arrived safely this morning. 
Thank you for an excellent service.
Kind regards

Hi recieved the DVD it works pefectly thank you very much il tell my friends about the excellent service you supply thanks again

DVD received this am, thank you for the excellent service

Michael, thank you so much for the wonderful job that you have done on the dvds. I sat and watched it last night,it brought back some forgotten memories,some good,and others also. I shall reccommend you to everyone of my family & friends who may need your services. once again thank you.

Dear Michael, 
I have received my DVD today.
Thank you very much for saving my tape. 
I am so hapy with your work, it truly is more than a first class service.
Thanks again
All the best

Hi Michael,

I just wanted you to know that I’ve received the DVDs safely and that you’ve done a great job – you can hardly notice the little ‘glitch’ where the tape was broken

I also wanted you to know how very impressed I was with your company/service – so nice to find someone helpful and knowledgeable at the end of a phone these days and more than helpful in holding the DVDs until I returned from my holiday.  And they arrived on exactly the day you said they would!

Thanks for all your help.

Many thanks for your excellent work, DVD has arrived safely and in beautiful condition, many many thanks

I can't thank you enough for your assistance in this matter and will recommend you to our friends and family.
We are sure there is another tape lying about somewhere from 2001, hopefully in ok condition and we will send this once found, so speak to you soon.

Thanks for a very prompt service I have got the DVDs and the quality is excellent,

Michael, Many thanks for recovered camcorder tape, the images are fine. An excellent and prompt service from your company

Dear Michael,
thanks for a very good job done.  I received the tapes and all is ok,
Will certainly recommend your company to family and friends.


I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service, even though the video of my engagement was full of water and you said that recovery would be slim, I was absolutely over the moon with the end result and the video of my wedding which had got damp
was excellent quality.
I will definitely recommend you to friends and family.

Once again thank you for recovering and saving some very precious memories.


many thanks for sending my DVD through, you have done an excellent job and I am really pleased to have the film recovered from the broken video.


An excellent professional service

My latest DVD is excellent - many thanks

Thanks so much. I will recommend you any day it was a very fast service and i'm so impressed with the quality of your work Thanks you!!

I ahve got them all. Thank you so much for working a miracle!!

dear michael,
what a fantastic job you have done!
the tape was shot to pieces,
i cannot emphasise the importance to my friend of this memory
please send a further 2 copies and i will forward the cost to you
i am very grateful for all you have done

Dear Michael, thank you very much for your work, have watched the DVD and am really pleased, thought I had messed the tape up and would not be able to watch again.  I can not believe how prompt you have been and would not hesitate to recommend you.  

Have received disc thank you so much for doing it, it is much better than expected. I thought it was lost forever.

I received the DVDs and am delighted with them.

My DVDs arrived this morning and are just perfect, thank you. Delighted I discovered your service.

Such efficiency!  The DVDs arrived safely yesterday, thank you

Thanks for the super fast service.  Received dvds today in post so got them in time yes.

DVD received safely. I am very pleased with the result, it is brilliant.

All arrived safely this morning thanks.  Great service!

Michael,thanks again for your fantastic service .Im sure this is not the last time i will be using you!

Thank You ever so much Michael! I love the DVD!

I received the dvd and mpeg copy. All is excellent. Thanks

I am very grateful for your help with this, and very impressed with the service, particularly the level of communication. It makes so much difference when people keep customers informed .I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone, and I'll probably be back in touch when I've dug out my old Video 8s

My DVD's have arrived safely. I am very happy with them, and will be using your services in the not to distant future

Dear Mr Plant

We have received the 2 copies of DVDs that you transferred from our video, we are more than pleased with the result. From the first phone call to receipt of the DVD's the service has been excellent and we would be happy to recommend you to any one. 


Recieved it today Michael and my wife is on cloud nine as its the video we thought we had lost, thankyou so much for your service :)


Hello Michael.   I receiving the DVD thank you and played it.   Brilliant result;  exactly what I was hoping for so I am very grateful for your work.

They have arrived and are great-many thanks

Hi Michael
Received the dvd this morning. Thanks you for recovering the data. My wife is very pleased not to have lost
this video. Great service so we are both really glad we contacted you.

Thank you Michael and for your very efficient and pleasant service - I shall remember and refer you when I can.


I have received the DVD's.
The quality is great.
Thank you.


We are very happy with the work you have completed and will definitely use your company again and highly recommend you.

Once again thanks for the quality, speedy and efficient service on the DVD.

DVDs arrived safely, lovely quality it makes a big difference, my children and grand-children will love them, thank you very much

Dear Michael
Thank you very much for the DVD received yesterday. We are very impressed with the quick and professional service from you and so grateful to have treasured memories in a format we can view readily.If only we had seen your service prior to buying a camera on Ebay!
Thanks again


Dear Michael,
Just to let you know that all the DVD's, videos etc arrived safely this morning, thank you. I must thank you again for your excellent professional and personal service throughout.

 If only all businesses were run like yours!


I am very grateful for your skill and efforts in recovering this irreplaceable material.

Thanks for the DVD. You’ve done a great job its going to make a great Valentines present!


Hi Michael,

Just to let you know, my DVDs have arrived safely. Thank you so much for the repair work you have done and the transfer; I'm thrilled. You've done a brilliant job and I'm delighted at the way you've managed to save the recording and where you have split it during the interval. It is very thoughtful of you. I will definately be recommending you to other people and be using you again in the future.

Thank you again,


Dear Michael,

Thanks so much!  The DVDs arrived yesterday and I'm absolutely delighted with them.   And I knew about the sound quality on the second video, and actually the DVD has turned out rather better than I expected.

Thanks again for the fantastic service.  Will certainly recommend you to anyone I hear of with the same needs.

Hi Michael

Just wanted to let you know we received the DVD today and all is okay.  Many thanks for your help.


Thanks Michael,
I've got the DVD and checked it. It looks to be really good quality so thanks very much for the repair and digitising.


Hi Michael,I have just watched the dvd that you rescued for me,and I have to say it is a job well done. We have many photos of my late father, but to see him "in the flesh" as it were was very pleasing,

Once again thank you very much for your quality service and may I wish you & your staff a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Many thanks for doing this so promptly. The DVDs arrived in the post this morning, in good time for Christmas.

Hi Michael,I have just watched the dvd that you rescued for me,and I have to say it is a job well done. We have many photos of my late father, but to see him "in the flesh" as it were was very pleasing,

Hi Michael.
I received all of the material this morning,
Again thank you for a wonderful editing job,
at a good price, I will of course be using your services again in the future Bye for now,

DVD's arrived safely and we are really pleased with the outcome, we can't thank you enough, we thought some of these were lost, we will be recommending you to our friends and family, thank you again.

Thank you so much for your great service and communications…

Will defiantly keep you in mind for my family, friends!!

Thanks again

I received the DVD yesterday, thank you.  I will be sending another VHS tape for transfer tomorrow.

Thank you Michael.  The DVD arrived as promised today and results are better than I could have ever hoped for.  Many thanks. 


Many thanks for your prompt work brilliant job WELL pleased. We never thought we'd see what was on the video. MANY THANKS

Dear Michael

Thank you so much for the DVD of my parents Golden Wedding Anniversary, received today and tested and all okay.
I am pleased with the results of the repair and transfer, thank you

Hi Michael,

Just to say thanks very much for sending out the DVD so promptly. You did a really good job with it and my wife and I had a good laugh too!

Thanks again,

Dear Michael,

We have been away since Thursday and on our return we were very pleased to find a note to the effect that our DVD's were awaiting collection at our local Post Office collection Depot.
I collected them this morning and my wife and I were very impressed with the high quality of your packaging. Furthermore the personalized presentation of the DVD cases and the DVD's is excellent.
Although we haven't yet had the opportunity to watch the whole of the film we thought we must express our most sincere thanks to you for the very high quality of your service.


Thanks for the excellent service all the way through.

This is my confirmation of receipt of my DVD's. Thank you so much, they have bought back a lot of happy memories for me. I will shortly be using this service again as it is exceptional.

Thanks DVDedit, we have received the DVD, more kudos.

Once again many thanks for your professional service

Many thanks our friends were very happy, will use you again


Thank you so much for your work on the tape. It plays perfectly and has brought back a lot of memories. I really appreciate your service.

DVD received, many thanks for the fantastic quality service.

Hi Michael,
Just wanted to say thanks for the DVD's.  Could not have asked for better service and the DVD's were exactly as expected - many thanks for rescuing the tapes!  We've spent lots of time watching them!
Best regards



Thanks for saving the tape and putting it onto a disc, I recieved it this morning.

Having had a quick look at it you seem to have done an excellent job and I am very happy to see things once more from our kids early years that we thought were lost for ever.


The DVDs have arrived this morning and all is OK. Thanks again for a very quick service.



DVD arrived today.

Exactly what I wanted - thank you ever so much!

Excellent service.....


Thanks - all received & great!


Thank you very much for the prompt service, Michael,  The dvd arrived this morning and I have just checked that it is playing fine.


I'm very grateful for your help.

dear michael sorry for keeping you waiting ive received the dvd and all is great


Thanks Michael, DVD received.
It's definitely a big improvement on how the tape played on my camcorder.
 I'm sure I will be calling on your services again !
 Many thanks.


DVD.s received. Excellent quality many thamks

 Sunday Post
I sent an email to your Query MobPage regarding transferring camcorder tape to DVD and received a reply the next day which advised I could contact DVDedit, (01205 871000 michael.plant@dvdedit.co.uk), which I did. As two of my tapes had snarled up and broken, and I was not sure what to state as an order. I emailed Michael Plant and he advised just to send the tapes with a note of how many copies of each tape Irequired then he would assess the work and provide me with an estimate. Within two weeks the DVD's were sent to me by first class registered post and when I confirmed that everything was satisfactory my orginal tapes were to be sent back to me.The service I received was excellent and I would recommend this firm to anyone wanting to transfer any type of video footage to DVD. It is such a refershing change to be provided with a professional, courteous and personal service. Many thanks to the Sunday Post Queries MobPage and to Michael Plant DVDedit. My video footage was of family and friends and the DVD's will provide me with many happy memories.

Thank you so much for that Michael, it is much appreciated. I look forward to working with you again in the near future


Hope to do business with you again.


Dear Michael,

Tape arrived OK. Thanks.

This tape broke once before and a local video guy "fixed" it. He said that to repair it he would have to lose a little of the tape. I hoped that it was at the beginning. In fact it was at the end - he in fact cut ALL my latest TV bits - nearly 45 minutes had been junked!!!

I wish I had known about YOU then!

Thanks again.



You STAR!!!  I didn't read my emails yesterday (bad day - no electrics! aaggghhh!) so when the DVD's arrived this morning it was a wonderful surprise.  They are just what I wanted - as I've said before I am so impressed with your talents!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  They really are great - I've already invited my sister up to have an "all our yesterday's" evening with us and I can't wait to see her face when she see's her DVD.  If I owe you further money please email and I'll send a cheque immediately.
Thank you again so much - you've done a fantastic job.



We have received the DVD and are very happy with what you have managed to do, and also the turn-around time.  

Many thanks


Many Thanks for the dvds receieved on wednesday. we were delighted with the quality of the repair and service and will recommend service on.

Hi Michael

DVD received and works very well

Many many thanks as this was an important old bit of nostalgia for me


Just to say the DVDs arrived thank you there are great !!!!


Hi Michael
Many thanks for the tapes which arrived in the mail today.  We have watched some of it already and are delighted you have been able to unfold some of our memories.
Your service has been excellent and I would be delighted to recommend you to friends and family.  I will also be sure to post a note on your webMobPage saying same.
On another note can you advise costs of how much it is to transfer tapes (not damaged) on to DVD?  

I really did think it was fantastic customer service.

Dear Michael,

Thank you and I can confirm we received the dvds today and were really pleased. I have quite a few more videos that I would like to get transferred but will probably do these a few at a time .


Dear Michael,

I have received the DVD today and it has played wonderfully.  Thank you so much for your great work, it is much appreciated and I will certainly recommend your services to others.  Many thanks.


My six DVDs arrived this morning. I am very pleased with them and they will now be going to other parts of the world. I will always recommend you for similar work.


DVDs received today, checked and all perfect.Many thanks,

Hi Michael

Just to let you know how delighted I am with the DVDs which arrived safely yesterday. 

Everything has been handled very professionally from the initial enquiry through to the completed product. It is everything I had hoped for and more!

I know my brother and I will treasure these memories for many years to come.

I will have no hesitation in recommending you in the future.

Many thanks,


 I got back last night and spent hours looking back at the old videos with my family. I can't thank you enough for the dvds, they are wonderful and we'll treasre them.
Thanks again for everything.

Hi Michael,
DVD's arrived this morning and am thrilled that you managed to capture the recording from the faulty DVD disc, thanks

Hi Michael

That is so kind of you to go to so much time and trouble for me - I am so grateful.  Thank you so much.  I will definitely be a return customer.

Mnay thanks again,   Best wishes 


Thank you so much. DVD's brilliantly done. I will have no hesitation in recommending your service.

Hello Michael,
The DVD has been received and looks great.
Thanks for your very quick and efficient work.


I have received the dvd, thank you very much for a superb service.

Just to confirm that I have received the DVDs today - they are really great.  Thank you very much.  I wil be sending some more in due course


Received today, Excellent as usual

Thanks Michael, and by the way excellent service and advice...................many thanks for your help!

Hi Michael,

Thanks very much for your help, received the DVD's sooner than expected, really good to see the videos we have not seen for years!
Would recommend you to friends any time. Thank you once again.


Thanks for your speedy & efficient service.

I look forward to receiving your invoice which I will pay on receipt.
Kind regards

Awesome,many thanks.


Thanks very much - they have arrived safely, so you can post the originals.

Thanks so much for splitting the DVDs at the Intermission.

Best wishes


Wow, received the DVD friday, though I havn't had a chance to test it but sure it'll be fine,

Thanks very much for the quick turnaround,


Many thanks for your services, and I especially liked the way in which you kept me informed, re receipt, post return etc.

I originally found you via Google, not by recommendation so I took "pot luck "    I will certainly keep your name /details on file and recommend you to anyone who wants similar services.
Once again, many thanks

Michael, Have received the videos. Many thanks for your help.  I have already recommended your services to a local business. Regards

Hi Michael
We have received ur DVD and I know the quality is bad but we are very happy, it is very old but very sentimental.
Thank you


Received all the DVD’s thank you, to save on your post you can throw the tapes away as I have no video recorder anymore.

Will send you some more when I get some money.

Great service.



many thanks for the dvd,its briliant to finally get to watch it again!i am today sending you another of my videos to transfer.cheers.

Hi Michael, I've received the DVD now and it is great.  The quality is much better than I expected, thanks a lot.

I’ve received the first set of DVD’s and they’re fine.  Thank you for such a good service.

Many thanks for sending my DVD's so quickly - I am very pleased with the results.  Please return the tapes when convenient.

Hi Michael
DVD's have arrived safely this morning. We have just skipped threw them all and what we intended to take ten minutes has taken hours. Brilliant memories and a brilliant service from yourself. Thank you very much once again.
We will be sending you another order in March.

Thank you very much you are our Saint as this DVD is very sentimental. We will advise as soon as we receive it.

I will surely pass your details on to many friends and family.
Thank you


DVD received today - they delivered it without anyone signing for it by the way!
Excellent job - Thanks a million!


Received the DVD thank you.  This was a real blast from the past as I had no idea what was on it (taken 16 years ago).  Quality is fab.  Many thanks for a first class service


DVD arrived, many thanks just great. Cheers


Our VHS tapes have arrived safely, thank you. We will be placing another order this weekend.


thanks so much for a brilliant and efficient service.  Not just the DVD transfers but the way you kept me informed, explained everything and provided such a good service at a most fair cost.  Customer satisfaction is being something of a rarity these days.  I would be pleased if you are able to use these comments as positive feedback for other potential customers, and  I will certainly recommend you to any friends and family  who are likely to benefit form your service.  Many thanks......


Michael, DVD arrived safe and sound, thank you for a job well,many thanks


Just a quick message to confirm that we have received the DVD's. The quality of the reclaimed film from the almost 20 years old tape has far exceeded our expectations and we have to say we are absolutely delighted with the result, and so very grateful to you for your service which was first class in every respect.


I have recieved the copies.

thank you for the work done on them.


I have received the DVDs today and am pleased with the results. Many thanks for your prompt service.

I will not hesitate to recommend you where possible.


DVD arrived today, and it plays fine. I’m very pleased with the quality, so thanks very much

Hi Michael,

Great news - the DVDs arrived today, hurrah! All in good order - thanks for a job well done.

Thanks for your prompt service, and very good customer communication!

The DVD arrived safely with us when you sent it

there was some poor quality at the beginning of the dvd - which we hadn't noticed on the tape - can you check please

Many thanks for a first rate service and excellent communication skills!


Hi Michael,

I've received the DVD's thank you. I have found number of other VHS recordings. I have a friend with a VHS recorder attached to his TV. I'll go through the remaining films and have find any film clips I require converting. I've asked friends I know who have films of me and my family, to send me them so I can get them converted.


Dear Michael,

I have received the DVD today, and it works perfectly fine.

It is my favorite yoga program I was doing in the US and Japan, and now I can continue it at home!

Thank you



Safely recieved - excellent service thanks


Just to say that I have received the second DVD today.
Thank you for doing this transfer for me. It is an old video, but still useful, and I was getting a bit worried that much more use would wear it out completely!
Now its on DVD, all should be well.

Thanks for a good job.

Dear Michael

A belated thank-you for this job.  As there was a lot of material to review on these DVDs, I've only just checked them.  I'm very happy indeed with the dubs.

Many thanks


First DVD received thanks.  I am impressed by the very helpful web MobPages and your services have been excellent.  I know the quality of the video was poor but you have produced a good copy.  I will certainly recommend your services.


Thanks Michael. Happy New Year

thank you for the good work done on the tapes/DVDs


The DVD arived yesterday and is great - many thanks!

Thank you very much for copying my tapes to DVD. I am very pleased with the results and also with your attention and service.

I shall no doubt be sending you some more to copy in the future.

Many thanks again,

Many thanks for the DVD which I received last night. I am delighted with the results, so many thanks for a job well done and for returning it so promptly.
As you will realise, that was the first tape from 1994/95, so there are a lot more which are likely to be coming your way over the next few months!


The DVDs have arrived safe and sound and they are exactly what we were after - thanks very much.

I have a few more to send, if that's ok, so will go through the order process and send them through (in a sturdier package this time!).

Once again, many thanks - it's wonderful to see those old recordings again.


i got the DVD on Sarturday, it is great! Thank you so much.


The Dvds arrived safely and they are BRILLIENT and we are very pleased with prompt service. 

Thanks again for the really great service………..  

I have recived the DVDS this morning, Many thanks


Hi Michael,
the package arrived yesterday and it is perfect! Thank you SO much for your hard work!
I am certain she will love it.

Arrived safely - very pleased thanks

Hi Michael

I have received the dvd and its absolutely fantastic, I’m really pleased with it.

Thanks again

Hi, thanks , dvd arrived

Just got the dvd and it seems perfect.

Hi Michael - thanks for sending out my DVD - I watched it over the weekend and it certainly brought back some lovely memories of our wedding day all those years ago!!

The DVD is short but sweet and good quality considering the video age!

I have been so impressed with your marvellous service and will certainly recommend you to my friends and work colleagues!


Many thanks for all your help and advice!


All received OK thanks


Received the DVD and plays fine.

I was extremly satisfied with your service and I will recommend you without hesitation.


What an excellent service


Hallo Michael, Im conforming that my new 3 dvd-s arrived, all well, as far as I had chance to look at some bits, and thank you even to keep me informed via email, and  I hope to keep in touch in near future with the rest.


Just confirming reciept of my dvd thanks!


DVD was very good.  Thank you.  I have another I will be sending but need to work out which bits I want first.  Thank you


Thankyou for sending out the dvd, i recieved today, and it works perfectly, they quality is much better than the original.



Just to let you know I have received my first DVD safely.

Thanks very much - this will make my moms day.


Thank you received today.


Just to confirm safe delivery of the DVDs so you can return the originals safely.


just a brief note to say a big warm thank you .We are very pleased with the dvds and will recommend you highly to all our friends & family. Once again many thanks


Received and working well.
thank you


Hello, Just to let you know I have received my first copy of the DVD & it is great - thank you.


I received the DVDs today, thanks very much for your service, the DVDs are great.

Just to let you know that the first DVD has arrived safely and works fine. 


Hi Michael

Thanks for your email, you do a tremendously efficient and professional job, it is so difficult to find that these days all of your hard work is greatly appreciated.


Hi Michael
A belated thank-you for pushing this job thru in time for Christmas and for doing it so well.
Many thanks


Hi Michael,
just to say we have recieved the DVD and we are pleased with the result,thanks.

Hi Michael

Apologies for the delay - a busy couple of weeks and haven't had so much time to check out the DVDs. Still - have done so now and once again all looks great. Please return the original tapes at your earliest convenience.

Thank you again for a great service.


Dear Michael,

My DVDs have arrived safely and everything it's fantastic. I'm very happy with the service since the search in the internet for somebody who tranfer my tapes to a DVD. I found your website and the job is perfectely done very fast. Congratulations for the quality of your service and make sure I'll tell many peaple about DVDedit.co.uk.

Hope to call you soon.


Thank you very much.


I have received the DVD of -------- --------------- ----------.  Many thanks it is great.  Much better quality than I anticipated after so long.


Many thanks Michael,
I have received the DVD, which is up to your previous high standard.
Hi Michael,

Many thanks for sending the dvd's so quickly, I received everything safely. I just wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent service you have provided. The footage has so much sentimental value to me I was so pleased that you managed to transfer it to dvd, ill be able to relive the memories again and again!! I will be recommending your service to all my family and friends for sure. I'm so glad I came across your web site when I did. 

Pleasure dealing with you


I confirm the DVD was perfect.


The DVD arrived safely this morning and we’ve been watching it for the last 30 mins – excellent, thanks. Please send the second disc + tape and thanks once again for the excellent service.


Many thanks for your efficient and prompt service.  All the DVD’s have arrived and play on my PC and DVD player


Hi Michael
Many thanks for all your assistance....the DVD's have arrived, one is mine and one my mums and they are fantastic. We are really pleased with the quality considering how old some of the tapes are and had forgotten a lot of the content so have had a funny day watching them!!
I will definately be sending more in for conversion and recommending you to some friends!!!
Again many thanks for all your help and quick service!!

Hi Michael,
Just to say the 'Oklahoma' packages finally arrived on tuesday - Parcel Force were not exactly '48', they sent the packages to the wrong depot -  ABSOLUTELY not your fault, just telling you so you know. I tracked them and followed their travels
Anyway, very very pleased with the results, and could you please do two more copies?

Thanks again, great job.

have received dvd safely...again many thanks....have more to sort so will be sending more your way!!!

Thanks Michael
They arrived safely a few minutes ago.
Many thanks for your good work - I hope to send more your way in due course.
Best wishes


Thank you for this explanation. The original film is not so good as to warrant further editing andcost so we will settle for the DVD as it is. thank you for all your efforts and I will be pleased to receive the DVD copies & original VHS tape as arranged. It is likely that I will be sending you further tapes to convert & I have given your details to my daughter who will also use your services


Hi Michael,

i've received the dvd & thank you for another brilliant job! (&i think the quality is loads better than my memory of the video quality!)

Many thanks again,


I have received the DVDs and they are working properly.  
Many thanks for the timely processing of the order. The quality of the DVD images are superb.


I am pleased to inform you that the DVD and MPEG-2 disc that you sent have arrived safely today, and everything seems to be OK. Thank you very much for your help with the order.

I have today received the dvd's and I am thrilled with the quality and your fast service.
Many thanks


Hi Michael,
Thanks a lot for the DVD's. I received them today. Great work! My family loves them!
Thanks again for everything! I am sure I will come back with some more work.

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Thank you Michael,  I have received the DVD.  Thank you very much it is brilliant. I am sure --------- will be very pleased with it.

Thank you for sorting out the DVD’s. I have now received them so please feel free to send the original tapes back to me.


Hi Michael
This is just to let you know that the DVD has arrived safely & we really enjoyed watching it & reliving those 80s haircuts! Thanks for doing such a good job, I'll certainly recommend you to friends & colleagues.

I have collected the ;parcel from the sorting office today and have just been sat watching them - They're fantastic! - Our original video camera broke before we got them transferred to video so we haven't watched these for 4 years.

Thank you so much for a very prompt and easy to use service.

Hello Michael

I can confirm that I have received the DVD safely. Thank you very much,

the service was excellent and the DVD is great. I shall recommend you.

Best regards

Thanks Michael - received the DVDs and they are all fine thanks, so grateful if you could return the tapes.  We'll let you know if we want any edits and will certainly be using you for our future films!

got it many thanks all fine another great job !

Dear Michael
 Thanks so much for doing this - both DVDs are perfect!



DVD’s arrived by special delivery today and we have watched some already.

They are great!


DVD received today and all is okay, thank you.
I was very impressed with your service and will recommend you to my friends and colleagues
Hi Michael,

i have received the first dvd and all is fine. i look forward to receiving the additional dvds in due course, please can you dispose of the video as i have no use for this now and will also save on the postage a little.

many thanks for another brilliant service.