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about DVDedit
Set up in May 2005 by Michael Plant, DVDedit is a small independent business, specialising in producing DVDs from your VHS Video and Camcorder tapes / discs

 Due to the current situation at this time in the UK, we are concentrating our efforts on rescueing and recovering important personal memories from your videotapes.

To cope with the increase in rescue and recovery work some of our services are currently suspended I appreciate your help and understanding with this.

Thank you

Updated December 2020

We are concentrating our efforts on rescueing and recovering important personal memories from your videotapes to DVDs.
We are NOT currently offering  Transfer to digital video files on USB memory sticks or HDDs or Large /Multiple orders or Business discounts
Thank you Michael

I have made some changes to DVD presentation and postage options.
DVDs will now be supplied in transparant PVC wallets instead of black plastic cases

ALL our DVDs will now have Digital Backup files stored for 30 days to allow you to order additional copies editing etc.

If any ongoing or previous customers would like DVD cases to match the ones they have had previously, please e-mail me or add a note in the additional information section of the orderform and I will try and sort it out for you.

Thank you

We're going Mobile friendly !

Over the next few weeks we will be updating our Website

To improve how our website can be viewed on mobile phones and Tablets we are currently in the process of updating initintialy the new style web pages will run along side the older style pages until they have all been updated, hopefully this will not cause to many problems for you.

We are no longer working with Google Reviews

We are no longer working with Google reviews we have kept copies of our previous reviews to help reassure customers about our services. You will not be badgered by e-mails asking you to complete surveys. However  we are  displaying comments, feed back and testimonials  recieved from our customers by e-mails >
Customer Feedback & Testimonials

Offer Extended

Our 3 for 2 additional DVDs offer has been extended to 31/12/2020

>Click here for Details



Google Checkout  has stopped its UK  so were are no longer able to offer that payment method.

All our Online payments are now processed through Pay Pal
(You don't need a Pay Pal account they will take credit and debit card payments on our behalf)


Flood Damaged VHS Video tapes

We have recently rescued recordings from several VHS video tapes sent to us by customers, if you have tapes that have suffered from flood water damage, please see   > Mould and Flood Damaged Videotape Rescue Service


We have had several customers asking if they can pay by Pay Pal as they already have accounts set up.

I'm please to be able to announce that we can now take payments through PayPal direct from our website and  through e-mail invoicing payment links

Please feel free to contact me if you need any help 


A virulent "tape mould" is destroying irreplaceable audio and video tapes used to record both family celebrations and national events, according to experts.

Thousands of miles of tape containing precious memories and important cultural history have already been damaged beyond repair… The mould thrives in the damp conditions which are increasingly prevalent in lofts and cellars after the last few wet summers, and cardboard boxes are little protection against its spread…

Many families, anxious to preserve their memories for themselves and future generations, are attempting to convert the tapes to a more modern digital format. However, increasing numbers of people are taking the boxes from storage, only to find the recordings are already irrecoverable.

Source: Daily Telegraph July 21st, 2008

If you have had problems with mould damaged videotapes please see our video tape rescue service  >Mould Video Tape Rescue Service



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