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about DVDedit
Set up in May 2005 by Michael Plant, DVDedit is a small independent business, specialising in producing DVDs from your VHS Video and Camcorder tapes / discs

 We are concentrating our efforts on rescueing and recovering important memories from your personal videotapes.To cope with the increase in rescue and recovery work some of our other services have been suspended

I appreciate your help and understanding with this.
Thank you

Updated Jan 2021

Creating DVDs from Mouldy & Flood damaged videotapes

VHS tape damaged by Mould
Although many video tape transfer repair services and “experts” claim that when a videotape has suffered from mould or damp problems your recording is lost forever.This is not true! Over the years we have rescued precious recordings from hundreds of mould contaminated video tapes.

 We can recover recordings from virtually all mouldy UK VHS video tapes and VHS based Compact (Camcorder) tapes with mould, damp and flood related problems.

Our Mould and Flood damaged Service is available for the following UK tape formats

VHS, SVHS, VHSc, SVHSc,  tapes only

Please Note! This service is NOT for small camcorder or digital tapes

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How does Our Mould and Flood Damaged Videotape Service Work ?

The tape cassette is stripped down, the tape spools are removed, mould / mildew, dirt and dust are cleaned from the tape ribbon, if the internal mechanical parts or the actual cassette housing are damaged, contaiminated, broken or missing the tape spools are placed into a replacement reconditioned cassette housing, so that we are able to capture the recording from your tape for you and transfer it to DVD(s).  The process is designed to rescue as much of the recording as we can for you and and transfer it to a DVD or digital file for you however it does NOT guaranteed to return the original tape back to a fully playable condition on a normal domestic video player.

How good is the quality of the rescued recording ?

The reality is that the rescued recording is probably not going to be absolutely perfect, although we have rescued recording to a very good quality, there are also times when the picture can suffer from instabilty and interference in places.

What does our Mould and Flood Damaged Videotape Service include ?

  • Stripping down and assessment of the video tape ribbon, cassette housing and internal parts
  • Drying out damp, water and flood damaged tape ribbon, mould and meldew removal from the tape ribbon and cassette housing mechanical parts etc,
  • If required tape ribbon repair, cassette housing repair and replacement flaps and internal parts, if the cassette housing are badly damaged, contaimated or parts missing the tape spools will be placed into a replacement (reconditioned) cassette housing.
  • If OK to proceed *, up to 2 hours of rescued recording is captured to a digital file and transferred to a high quality (UK PAL) DVD.
  • Your DVD will be set up to start playing automatically, so you do not have to find the remote handset to play it.
  • Where possible chapter points are incorporated at around 5 min intervals, allowing you to be able to jump forward or backwards easily.
  • Your DVD disc is printed with your title and supplied in a transparent PVC wallet
  • We post out your DVD(s) first and it's only when we have received confirmation that the DVDs have arrived safely and all is OK, that we will either return your original video tapes or dispose of them locally for you depending on your chosen option.
  • The turnaround time is normally 12 working days or less.
  • Digital back up files for your DVDs are now kept for 30 days or longer to allow for you to order additional copies / editing ect. after recieving your DVD(s)**
* Mould contamination usually indicates the presents of moisture, in some cases tapes showing signs of mould may also have other more serious problems. If this is the case with your tapes, I will advise you by e-mail of possible options / cost etc if I believe we can improve the quality or recover more recording for you.

** We now keep backups of all the Digtal files used to make up your DVD(s) for a minimum of 30 days if you would like additional copies, editing, file conversion etc. or for us to store them for longer for you, please e-mail me before the 30 days have expired..

How much does it cost ?

Mould and Flood Damaged Videotape Service (including Transfer to a DVD) base cost  £37
To ensure we achieve the highest quality we normally transfer around 90 minutes to a DVD although this can often be stretched to 2 hours
for video tapes with recordings longer than 2 hours the recording is split over 2 DVDs (double disc set) additional costs apply

You can also order Additional copies made at the same time as your DVD for just £5 each
or 3 Additional copies from the same DVD for £10 with our 3 for 2 Special Offer !

Postage from only £2.95 for the entire order

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Some Customer Feedback Mould and Flood Damaged Video Tapes Related
After discovering all of the home movies from my childhood were riddled with mould I was completely heartbroken with my local video store telling me there was nothing I could do with them.

I started researching online for a specialist which is where I found Michael at DVD edit. I was a bit sceptical at first to send the tapes and money off to a complete stranger but you are protected via pay pal and I didn't really have anything to loose as no one else would work on my tapes.

Micheal was fantastic end to end answering all my questions before I sent the tapes, during the process and once I had received the dvds. He is 100% professional and updates you at every stage. He also got all of my tapes back to me within 10 working days ready for Christmas at no extra cost which was amazing and I cannot thank him enough!

I would whole heartedly recommend DVD edit to anyone looking to develop damaged tapes but any tapes just in general too. Prices are fair and Micheal will work with you to find a fair solution should any extra work be required.

I will definitely be using DVD edit for all future development needs. 10/10 service all round.
Hi Michael
DVDs arrived yesterday and I am very happy with them. Originally I had brought the tape to a local "specialist" who advised that nothing could be done to save the tape. Their actual words were that I was as well to Just throw it in the bin because it was destroyed. So I am delighted I did not take their advice and found yourself. I will be recommending your services to friends and family and whoever else mentions VHS in front of me!
Hi Michael,
Well the DVD arrived today, absolutely brilliant!
As explained in the note I sent, the tape was written off by --- -------- three years ago, I am so glad we didn't bin it.
I must also thank you for your prompt service and honesty, you could of quite easily of claimed that more work was required and charged accordingly.
So having saved a precious memory thought lost, you have made our Christmas, thanks again,
I am absolutely thrilled with the DVDs, thank you so much. The quality of the picture and sound is amazing. I can't believe I nearly threw the video's in the bin after the local company said they were ruined!
I will definitely be sending more off to you in the very near future

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