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Videotape Repair Service

about DVDedit
Set up in May 2005 by Michael Plant, DVDedit is a small independent business, specialising in producing DVDs from your VHS Video and Camcorder tapes / discs

 We are concentrating our efforts on rescueing and recovering important memories from your personal videotapes.To cope with the increase in rescue and recovery work some of our other services have been suspended

I appreciate your help and understanding with this.
Thank you

Updated Jan 2021

Creating DVDs from your damaged videotapes

Broken  VHS tape

Recordings from your Damaged VHS video and Camcorder tapes
Snapped, Twisted Video tapes, Broken Case missing parts etc

Can be brought back to life again and Transferred to DVDs

with our

Video tape Repair Service

(Including transfer to DVDs)

VHS, SVHS, VHSc, SVHSc, video8*, and miniDV*

* SD Standard Definition only, not all services are available for small camcorder or digital tapes

How does it work ?

The damaged video cassette is striped down and inspected, broken or worn parts are replaced or the video tape is removed and placed into a new cassette housing with a new set of mechanical parts i.e. brakes,  guide rolls etc. If the video has snapped or tangled the tape will be temporarily sliced and a standard video to DVD transfer is carried out. When the DVD has been made it is sent out to you. When we received confirmation that the DVD has arrived safely and all is OK we can return or dispose of the video tape depending on the option chosen.

How much does it cost ?

Video tape Repair and Transfer to a DVD  £34

To ensure we achieve the highest quality we normally transfer around 90 minutes to a DVD although this can often be stretched to 2 hours
For video tapes with recordings longer than 2 hours the recording is split over 2 DVD discs
additional costs apply

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What does our Video tape Repair and Transfer to DVD Service include ?

  • Your video tape is striped down and inspected, repair work is carried out or the tape spools are placed into a replacement cassette housing.
  • Up to 2 hours of rescued recording is captured to a digital file and transferred to a high quality (UK PAL) DVD* 
  • Your DVD will be set up to start playing automatically, no need to find the remote, no advertising or splash screen just your rescued video.
  • Chapter points are incorporated at around 5 min intervals, allowing you to be able to jump forward or backwards easily.
  • Your DVD disc is printed with your title and supplied in a transparent PVC wallet
  • We post out your DVD(s) first and it's only when we have received confirmation that the DVDs have arrived safely and all is OK, that we will either return your original video tapes or dispose of them locally for you depending on your chosen option.
  • The turnaround time is normally 10 working days or less.
  • Digital back up files for your DVDs are now kept for 30 days or longer to allow for you to order additional copies / editing ect. after receiving your DVD(s)**.

* In some cases tapes may have other more serious problems. If this is the case with your tape(s), I will advise you by e-mail of possible options / cost etc if I believe we can improve the quality or recover more recording for you.

** We now keep backups of all the Digtal files used to make up your DVD(s) for a minimum of 30 days if you would like additional copies, editing, file conversion etc. or for us to store them for longer for you, please e-mail me before the 30 days have expired..

Snapped video tape, torn or pulled out of the spool.

We can repair (splice) the broken videotape together or re-attach it to the spool. When the repair has been completed we convert the rescued video to a digital file and then transfer it to a DVD.
Please note! If we have carried out a repair to the video tape we recommend that it is not played in a domestic video player or camcorder as this may damage the machine (the repaired video tape will be labelled with a warning as appropriate).

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Video tape twisted, crumpled or screwed up.

We can cut out the section of the video tape that has been twisted or screwed up and repair / splice the video tape back together, when the repair has been completed we convert the video on the tape to a digital file and then transfer it to a DVD.
Please note! that due to the way the picture on the video tape is recorded there may be a some interference displayed on the DVD in places. If the tape has been spliced we recommend that it is not played in a domestic video player or camcorder as this may damage the machine (the repaired video or camcorder tape will be labelled with a warning as appropriate).

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The video cassette case is broken or has damaged or missing parts

The damaged video cassette is striped down and inspected, damaged, worn or missing parts are replaced or the video tape is removed and placed into a new or reconditioned cassette housing and we convert the recording on the videotape to a digital file and then it to a DVD..
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The video tape won't move, or the video cassette is ejected by the player.

Inside the video cassette are several mechanical parts including the cassette brake, this is like the parking brake on a car. It stops the tape reels from spilling out the tape when the cassette is outside the player or camcorder. Normally the cassette brake is automatically released when the tape is put into the player / camcorder, however if it fails to release due to faulty parts the tape will not move and in some players will automatically be ejected and in other older players could cause the tape to snap.
We repair or replace the faulty parts, or the video tape is removed and placed into a new or reconditioned cassette housing we then convert the recorded video to a digital file and then transfer it to a DVD..
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The player won't accept or rejects the video cassette

If problems occur when you push the video cassette into the tape slot on your video player i.e. it stops and is not accepted or the the player rejects it pushing back out again. This is often caused by a slightly bent or distorted cassette case.To fix this problem the videotape spools are removed and placed into a new or reconditioned cassette housing and we convert the recording on the videotape to a digital file and then transfer it to a DVD.
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D.I.Y Attempted repair !

It looks quite simple and it is relatively easy to gain access to a videotape cassette, usually by removing 4 or 5 small screws, however it is not so easy to carry out the repair, re-assemble the video tape cassette and make it operational again. We have had many phone conversation with customers who have found this out to their horror, if this has happened to you then we can help, if possible remove any loose springs and other mechanical parts that could damage the tape in transit and keep the tape spools inside the cassette housing, or just send the spools very carefully pack so that the tape does not become unwound or tangled up causing further damage. We have replacement cassette housing including all the mechanical parts i.e. brakes, tape guides, rollers, flaps, springs etc and can get your tape operational again and transfer the recording to a DVD or DVDs
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Not recorded, Erased or Recorded Over video tapes

No! Sorry, if the video or camcorder tape was not recorded properly or has been accidently erased or recorded over.Unfortunately we have no way of recovering the recording.

(21)Yellow Star Yellow Star Yellow Star Yellow Star Yellow Star Reviews  4.9 of 5  Video tape Rescue Service  

Some copies of related Google checkout reviews 

accidentally dropped my video camera out of the 20th floor of an apartment block and it smashed to pieces, of course. DVDedit expertly recovered the video media from thMiniDV tape which was badly damaged from the fall and at an unbelievably good price. This is a great service and I cannot recommend it enough.


Very helpful and pleasant to deal with - very quick turnaround would highly recommend

Excellent customer service. Would definitely recommend.

I was impressed with the fast service and would certainly use this company again and recommend it to others. I was kept informed by email of the progress of my job.

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Some Customer Feedback Video Tape Repair Service Related

Rating (Cost / Customer Service / Quality) : 5 / 5 / 5
I was worried that my videos were beyond repair, but DVD Edit managed to fix them - the quality is superb and I am so happy to have these special home videos brought back to life! I received a friendly, polite and professional service, and was kept up-to-date throughout the process. I was never made to feel like a nuisance with any questions that I had and I always received a swift, friendly and helpful response. I couldn't recommend DVD Edit highly enough - an utterly brilliant job done. Thank you very much!
Dear Michael
I have received back the DVDs that you have created from the VHS tape that I sent you.  I am astounded at the results.  The VHS tape has deteriorated very badly over the years to the extent that much of it was unplayable.  The DVDs you have created from it are of practically perfect quality.  There are not enough words in the English language to express my delight at the results.  You have rescued for me some very precious memories of the early life of my only grandson and I am so grateful.
With work of this quality you are unlikely to need any recommendations but if you do then you are very welcome to pass on my telephone number to anybody that makes enquiries of your work.
Sunday Post
I sent an email to your Query MobPage regarding transferring camcorder tape to DVD and received a reply the next day which advised I could contact DVDedit, ( michael.plant@dvdedit.co.uk), which I did. As two of my tapes had snarled up and broken, and I was not sure what to state as an order. I emailed Michael Plant and he advised just to send the tapes with a note of how many copies of each tape Irequired then he would assess the work and provide me with an estimate. Within two weeks the DVD's were sent to me by first class registered post and when I confirmed that everything was satisfactory my orginal tapes were to be sent back to me.The service I received was excellent and I would recommend this firm to anyone wanting to transfer any type of video footage to DVD. It is such a refershing change to be provided with a professional, courteous and personal service. Many thanks to the Sunday Post Queries MobPage and to Michael Plant DVDedit. My video footage was of family and friends and the DVD's will provide me with many happy memories.

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