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Video to DVD conversion and transfer services

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about DVDedit
Set up in May 2005 by Michael Plant, DVDedit is a small independent business, specialising in producing DVDs from your VHS Video and Camcorder tapes / discs


Video to DVD conversion and transfer services

Where ever you are in the UK

If you require Video tape Rescue, Transfer, Copying or Editing Services then DVDedit could be the right choice for you.

Our services are designed around customers and clients sending their video and camcorder tapes direct to us by post or courier. All the work is carried out on our own premises, offering a friendly, easy to use, safe and secure service avoiding the problems that can occur when using  high street shops or local business acting as agents . We are always happy to try and help when we can, if you would like any help or information or have any concerns or worries please feel free to phone or e-mail us.


Our Key Principles

* Good Quality, Reliable DVDs
* Fair and Honest Pricing
* A Friendly and Personal Service.
* E-mail confirmations and updates.
* Easy to use Services

We Don't use DVD recorders!

 It's likely that you will only have your video tapes transferred to DVD once.
 So probably the most important features you are looking for are quality, reliability and compatibility.

All our DVDs are individually made for you at our own premises, from your videos using digital hardware based computer technology combined with Pioneer industry standard DVD writers. This process takes almost twice as long as using a DVD recorder but we believe it offers the results our customers are looking for and along with our personal and friendly service is the reason why they come back to us, often recommending our services to their friends and family.


Select the service you require for more details and online order forms

Everything you need from a Video to DVD Transfer service without the Bells and Whistles !
Our most popular transfer service, offering quality, combined with reliability and compatibility.

Google checkout independent surveys / reviews 5 out of 5 stars  

Just  £12



 Specifically designed to help you get the best from your videos.
Our Advanced digital conversion with pre-transfer video ( picture) correction and customisable additional options

Google checkout independent surveys / reviews 5 out of 5 stars  

From  £15


You can choose which parts (clips) on your video tapes that you would like to be included in your DVD or DVDs, this can be several different sections from the same tape or from different VHS and camcorder tapes. Each clip can be as long or short as you want but the total duration of all the clips to be combined should be a maximum of  1.5 hours ( 90 mins) for each DVD.

From  £17


Several of our customers have unidentifiable  video tapes and are not able to play them as they no longer have access to a video player or  suitable camcorder and have asked for our help. This service is now available.



Our services are only available for videotapes / DVD disc that are not subject to copyright  >find out more

We can rescue, transfer and edit from any of these "UK" PAL (Standard Definition) Videotapes / DVD discs :
MiniDV, VHS, SVHS, VHSC, SVHSC, video8, Hi8, Digi8, MiniDVD, StandardDVD  >find out more






Sending your video and camcorder tapes to us.

We strongly recommend sending your video and camcorder tapes by royal mail special delivery or another trusted courier

Smaller camcorder tapes are best sent in their original plastic case in a good quality bubble wrap style envelope please label both the tapes and cases.

Full size VHS video tapes are heavy and can easily be damaged, we advise sending them in cardboard sleeves the type normally associated with blank VHS tapes, using a good quality bubble wrap style envelope or wrapped cardboard box. If possible try to bind the video tapes together or pack tightly to avoid movement and possible damage by colliding with each other if the package is shaken. Please ensure the actual video tapes are labelled not just the sleeves.

If possible send an e-mail advising us of the delivery and tracking details if available, we will send a return e-mail advising of their arrival with us.

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Our secure (split) postage system


For increased security of your special videos ,we introduced a split delivery system. We post out your DVD (s) first ,it's only when we have received confirmation that they have arrived safely and that all is OK that we send out your original video tapes and other material you sent to us ,along with any addition copies of the DVDs you have ordered.
If we have your e-mail address we will advise you when they have been posted and supply the delivery details and tracking number if appropriate.

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Can I use my DVD for editing?

There is not a simple answer to this question. With most domestic editing software you can't edit from a DVD without first converting the video content of the DVD to a suitable editable digital file usually Mpeg2 this is commonly known as ripping the DVD. Some more recent editing software may have a DVD file importer / converter included that will allow you to convert the files from our DVDs.

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Digital editing / backup file 

All our DVDs are individually made from your videos using digital hardware based computer technology and with most of our transfer services we also produce an editable digital back up file that we store for 30 days on our system. This file is in an Mpeg2 format that is suitable for use with most PC based editing software and we can supply a copy of this file for you on a DVD data disc for a small additional cost normally £5.The Mpeg2 file can be copied to your Hard Disc Drive on your computer and imported into suitable editing software  without having to be previously converted.
 If you don't have editing software or experience problems carrying out the editing our economy editing service may be of help to you. If it less than 30 days from receiving the disc then we will have a copy of the file which we can access for from your reference number on the disc or if it is after 30 days then simply send the disc back to us so that we can
copy the file back onto our system.

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Can I make copies of my DVD?

Yes The DVD is made from video material you supply so we do not put any restrictions on copying the DVD discs.
However our current additional copy price of £5 or down to £3.34 if you order 3 additional copies (Produced and presented the same as the main copy) may be worth considering.

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We accept the following Domestic Tape Formats for transfer or editing:-

(Domestic Home video tapes) VHS
Camcorder video tapes :- Hi8 , video8 (also known as Sony 8MM Video). Digital8 (also known as Sony digi8 Video)
VHS Compact ( VHSC) Super VHS Full size (SVHS) , Super VHS Compact ( SVHSC)
MiniDV (SD) Standard Definition format, We are not currently able to work with any of the (HD) formats
We can also transfer and edit from 8cm and 12cm personal DVD disc (not copy protected).
We can  work with most editable computer based video files ie DV-AVI , Mpeg2 etc.
Please note ! we can not transfer or edit from (HD) High Definition format camcorder tapes ,Sony micro format or any of the full size Pro analogue or digital formats or video tapes recorded in NTSC (USA)

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 Our services are only available for videotapes that are not subject to copyright

We are happy to transfer tapes recorded on camcorders or  home video recorders from TV broadcasts and professionally recorded videotapes where you own the copyright or have been granted permission to have the tape(s) transferred to DVD.

We will not normally transfer from commercially made video tapes (If the tape label, the case or the video footage contains “Copyright” © on it or otherwise indicates that permission is required prior to copying)


1) If DVDs are not available to purchase for your particular video and the copyright owners have given their permission for you to have a personal transfer carried out.
(We have transferred many video’s where permission has been granted for a personal transfer to be carried out. If you have obtained permission please either e-mail or send a copy to us with your tapes.)

2) If you can provide evidence that the video was recorded some time ago and that DVDs have not been made available for that tape or tapes and the transfer is for your personal use only.

If commercially recorded or copyright videotapes are received without appropriate permission / evidence they will be returned at “your” expense.

If you require any further clarification or help with copyright videotapes please contact us.


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Why 90 minuets Max ?

When analogue VHS video and camcorder tapes are transferred to a DVD disc along with the analogue to digital conversion that takes place the digital video signal also has to be compassed to fit onto a DVD this is complex subject but in simple terms, the higher the compression the more video can be fitted onto the disc but the quality reduces, a lower compression improves the quality but you can not fit as much video on the disc. We work to our tried and tested formula that offers "very good" quality, reliability and compatibility for both DVD players computers with a DVD ROM drive built in.

 More than 90 mins on a tape to be transferred

 If the tape duration is longer than 90 minuets then with split the digital file up and create 2 or more DVDs . These are placed in a double or triple cases as appropriate  and the disc are labelled as' Your Title' Disc 1 , ' Your Title ' Disc 2  etc.

Low level encoded transfers

The reputation of our products and services are very important to us. So we do not offer a low level encoded transfer service or carry out transfers using domestic DVD recorders.

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