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Video to DVD (No Frills)

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about DVDedit
Set up in May 2005 by Michael Plant, DVDedit is a small independent business, specialising in producing DVDs from your VHS Video and Camcorder tapes / discs

Video to DVD Transfer (No Frills!)

"Everything you need from a transfer service without the Bells and Whistles !"

Our most popular transfer service, offering quality, combined with reliability and compatibility. The DVDs will play on both DVD players and Computers

Our Videotape to DVD Transfer Service is available for the following UK tape formats

VHS, SVHS, VHSC, SVHSC, video8 ,Hi8, Digital 8 and miniDV*
* SD Standard Definition only!

What does our No frills! Transfer Service include ?

  • Transfer up to 2 hours from a  video/camcorder tape onto a high grade DVD
  • Your DVD will be set up to start playing automatically, no need to find the remote, no advertising or splash screen just your tranferred video recording.
  • Chapter points are incorporated at around 5 min intervals, allowing you to be able to jump forward or backwards easily.
  • The DVD is supplied in a full size DVD case including an insert with your title clearly printed on the front and spine.
  • Your DVD disc is also printed with your title directly onto the disc face
  • We post out your DVD(s) first and it's only when we have received confirmation that the DVDs have arrived safely and all is OK, that we will either return your original video tapes or dispose of them locally for you.
  • The turnaround time is normally 10 working days or less.

How much does it cost ?

Our No Frills!Transfer to DVD Service cost  £12
To ensure we achieve the highest quality we normally transfer around 90 minutes to a DVD although this can often be stretched to 2 hours
for video tapes with recordings longer than 2 hours the recording is split over 2 DVDs (double disc set) additional costs apply

You can also order Additional copies made at the same time as your DVD for just £5 each
or 3 Additional copies from the same DVD for £10 with our 3 for 2 Special Offer !

an Mpeg2 digital file made from your transferred video recording copied on to a PC-DVD data disc £5

Postage from only £2.95 for the entire order

Ordering Help and Additional information

Online Order Form

You can place your order online with our online order form, once you have completed the form click "Submit" to accept the Terms and Conditions and an order number will be raised, you can change any part of your order by clicking "back" and making the changes (when you click "Submit" a new order number will be raised)

If you are happy with order click "Confirm" your order will then be transmitted to us and a copy will be sent to the e-mail address you have supplied, iyou can pay by debit or credit card by selecting "PayPal" and follow their instructions.you do not need to have a Pay Pal account. If you would prefer to send a cheque or postal order with your tapes select "Paying by Cheque" please make payable to "DVD edit"

Print a copy of your order invoice and send it with your individually labelled video tapes, or send a note with your tapes including Name and Order number.

Manual Order Form (Hand Written)

If you find online order forms difficult or prefer to complete your order by hand then you can print and complete our >manual order form you will need to work out the cost and send a cheque made payable to "DVD edit" with your individually labelled video tapes.

 Letter or note sent with your tapes

If you are not able to print the manual order form you can send a letter or note containing all the relevant details and cheque made payable to "DVD edit" with  your individually labelled video tapes. 

Not sure of video tape recording duration

We understand that if your video or camcorder tape is damaged or contaiminated by mould or flood water and can't be played, it is often difficult for you to know the duration of the recording to be rescued and transferred to DVD. We only charge for the DVDs that we actually make up for you, so if you order a 'double disc set' in case the recording is over 2 hours and we find the recording is less and fits onto a single DVD. If paying by Debit or Credit card online via Pay Pal we can refund the over payment If paying by cheque we are not able to collect part of the payment so we will issue you with a credit to the value of the over payment to be used with any future orders If you prefer you can send 2 separate cheques i.e. one cheque for the cost of a single DVD and a cheque for the additional cost of a second DVD (double disc set) if the additional payment is not needed it will be returned with the DVD. Alternatively you can leave the payment section of the cheque blank and we can fill it in for you with correct amount..

Posting your tapes to us

We strongly recommend sending your video and camcorder tapes by royal mail special delivery or another trusted courier. Smaller camcorder tapes are best sent in their original plastic case in a good quality bubble wrap style envelope please label the tapes and cases. Full size VHS video tapes are heavy and can easily be damaged, we advise sending them in cardboard sleeves the type normally associated with blank VHS tapes, using a good quality bubble wrap style envelope or cardboard box. If possible try to bind the video tapes together (Clinging film type food wrap works well) or pack tightly to avoid movement and possible damage by colliding with each other if the package is shaken. Please ensure the actual video tapes are labelled not just the sleeves
We will send you e-mail advising when your parcel arrives with us.

Our Secure Split Postage System

For increased security of your special videos ,we introduced a split delivery system. We post out your DVD (s) first and it's only when we have received confirmation from you that they have arrived safely and all is OK than we will either return your original tapes or recycle / dispose of them locally for you, depending on the option you have chosen.

We charge a fixed amount towards the postage for the entire order of £2.95 for DVDs Only by Royal mail Confirmed delivery .

Or £7.95 for DVDs by Royal Mail 1st class Confirmed delivery + Original Tapes sent separately 2nd class, we contribute the difference on the larger orders If we have your e-mail address we will advise you when they have been posted and supply a tracking number if appropriate.

Can I use my DVD for editing?

There is not a simple answer to this question. With most domestic editing software you can't edit from a DVD without first converting the video content of the DVD to a suitable editable digital file usually Mpeg2 this is commonly known as ripping the DVD. Some more recent software may have DVD file importer / converter included that will allow you to convert the files from our DVDs. With our Rescue service we can also produce an Mpeg2 format digital file that is suitable for use with most "Windows" based PC editing software and we can supply a copy of this file for you on a DVD data disc for a small additional cost normally £5.The Mpeg2 file can be copied to your Hard Disc Drive on your computer and imported into suitable editing software without having to be previously converted. (please note an Mpeg2 file will NOT work with most Apple based software or play on most DVD recorders)

Can I make my own copies of the DVD?

Yes. The DVD is made from video material you supply so we do not put any restrictions on copying the DVD discs.
However our current additional copy price of £5 or down to £3.34 if you order 3 additional copies (Professionally produced and presented the same as the main copy) may be worth considering


We are happy to rescue and transfer tapes recorded on camcorders or home video recorders, from TV broadcasts and professionally recorded videotapes you have commissioned e.g. Wedding Videos, professionally recorded videotapes where you own the copyright or have been granted permission to have the tape(s) transferred to DVD.

We will NOT normally rescue and transfer from commercially sold video tapes (If the video tape label, the case or the video footage contains “Copyright” © on it or otherwise indicates that permission is required prior to copying) however we are prepared to make the following exceptions

1) If DVDs are not available to purchase for your particular video and the copyright owners have given their permission for you to have a personal transfer carried out.
(We have transferred many video’s where permission has been granted for a personal transfer to be carried out. If you have obtained permission please either e-mail or send a copy to us with your tapes.)

2) If you can provide evidence that the video was recorded some time ago and that DVDs have not been made available for that tape or tapes and the transfer is for your personal use only.

If we receive commercially recorded or copyright videotapes from you without appropriate permission / evidence, we will ask you to contribute to the return postage cost.

Hopefully we have covered any question or concerns you have, if not or you would like more information, please feel free to phone or e-mail me. michael.plant@DVDedit.co.uk