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Video to DVD Combined Clips Transfer

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about DVDedit
Set up in May 2005 by Michael Plant, DVDedit is a small independent business, specialising in producing DVDs from your VHS Video and Camcorder tapes / discs

Combined Clips Transfer
(Clips of your choice are combined together on one DVD)

You can now have a DVD made up from your favorite parts (clips) from one or more of your video or camcorder tapes

This service is  available from any of these Tape Formats:- MiniDV, VHS, SVHS, VHSC, SVHSC, video8 ,Hi8, SonyDigi 8  >more

You can choose which parts (clips) on your video tapes that you would like to be included in your DVD or DVDs, this can be several different sections from the same tape or from different VHS and camcorder tapes. Each clip can be as long or short as you want but the total duration of all the clips to be combined should be a maximum of  1.5 hours ( 90 mins) for each DVD.

What you need to do?

You need to be able to view your tapes and be able to give a detailed description of the  start of the clip and the end of the clip so that we can locate it

What we do?

Using your description we locate a point just before the starting point of clip we then work out the duration of the clip and set up and capture it. The clip is then trimmed at the start and end to match your description. This process is repeated until we have captured and trimmed all the required clips. The clips are then combined together and made into a DVD.

How much does it cost?

Transferring and combining clips from your video tapes to a DVD (1.5 hours - 90 minutes maximum duration)

First clip or tape  £12
Additional clips to be included on the same DVD £5 each


We recommend that you first view the tape or tapes and make rough notes of the clips you want included. If your video player or camcorder has a time counter display then make sure the tape is fully rewound, then reset the counter, this can usually be done by ejecting the tape and re-inserting it. >more
When you are happy you have the details of the clips you want . Write a detailed description of each clip including both the clip start and end times or the clip duration using either block capitals or typed characters so that it is clearly readable.

When you know the total number of clips required for each DVD, fill in our online order form.

Order Form >

Our transfer services are only available for videotapes that are not subject to copyright  >Full Details

Additional Information

We accept the following Domestic Tape Formats for transfer or editing:-

(Domestic video tapes) VHS

Camcorder video tapes :- MiniDV , Hi8 , video8 (also known as Sony 8MM Video) SonyDigi 8 (Digital Hi8 tapes)

VHS Compact ( VHSC) Super VHS Full size (SVHS) , Super VHS Compact ( SVHSC)

We can also transfer and edit from 8cm and 12cm personal DVD disc(not copy protected).
Please check! that any disc recorded on your camcorder or computer have been finalised  and will play in a standard DVD player.


We only transfer and edit from PAL (UK) format tapes, our services do not work with tapes recorded in NTSC (USA) formats 

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Time display counters

With  VHS tapes and most domestic format camcorders the time counter is based on the position of the tape spools in the player and is not stored on the tape .If your video player or camcorder has a time counter display, it is important to make sure the tape is fully re-wound to the physical start of the tape not the start of the recording , then  reset the counter this can usually done by ejecting the tape and re-inserting it.

Because time display counters work in different ways on different machines, it can only be used as a rough approximate indication of where to find your clip we will then search to pinpoint the actual clip start / end position using your description of the video picture and if it helps the sound .    

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All our services are only available for videotapes that are not subject to copyright

i.e. domestic and personally recorded videotapes or professionally recorded videotapes where you own the copyright.

(If the tape label, the case or the video footage contains “Copyright” © on it or otherwise indicates that permission is required prior to copying, then we can not transfer it.)


If DVDs are not available to purchase for your particular video and the copyright owners have given their permission for you to have a personal transfer carried out.

We have transferred many video’s where permission has been granted for a personal transfer to be carried out. If you have obtained permission please either e-mail or send a copy to us with your tapes.

If commercially recorded or copyright videotapes are received without appropriate permission they will be returned at “your” expense.

If you require any further clarification or help with copyright videotapes please contact us.


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