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Creating DVDs from your video




about DVDedit

Set up in May 2005 by Michael Plant, DVDedit is a small independent business, specialising in producing DVDs from your VHS Video and Camcorder tapes / disc

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For more information

Please send an e-mail giving as much detail  as possible to:-


or you can phone

 01205 871000

Mon to Fri 9am to 6pm

The address to send your video tapes to is :-


This is a postal address only  (not open to the public)



Customers Feedback

The DVD arrived this morning and I have just run through it - superb job. Thanks. You have shown that you understand that the memories on these tapes are precious and it was reassuring to be in communication all the way through the process. I will certainly use the service again and I will happily recommend it to my friends.

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