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about DVDedit
Set up in May 2005 by Michael Plant, DVDedit is a small independent business, specialising in producing DVDs from your VHS Video and Camcorder tapes / discs

You make the decisions - We make the DVDs

editing Service

Send your home video or camcorder tapes to us, we will carry out an unedited transfer to DVD for you. When you receive the unedited DVDs all you have to do is play them on your DVD player or computer, select and make a note of the parts you would like to be in your edited DVD, fill in a form and we will carry out the editing and make the DVD for you.

You are in control, you choose what you want to be in your DVD and the order you would like it to be in.
No technical skills required, you tell us what you want and we carryout the editing work and make the DVD for you.
Low cost, because you are not paying for an editor to spend time viewing and grading you recordings it works out considerably cheaper than conventional editing services.
Suitable for home VHS and camcorder tapes / discs ( Even if you are not able to play the tapes because you no longer have the camcorder or video player)
You also have an unedited copy of your recordings, along with your edited DVD you will also have the unedited DVD or DVDs of your recordings to keep for the future.
 No Set up cost or minimum order charge, simple pay for the unedited transfer(s) first, then you just pay for the DVD and editing you need.
Upgradeable options, you can add our Easy Selection Menu screen and / or  Personalised printed DVD case and disc face.

How does it work ?

  First you send us your VHS video or camcorder tapes, we convert them to digital and transfer them onto one or more DVD discs (unedited) as it is on the tape without any changes, at the same time we also make a digital editing file (Mpeg2) that we store on our disc drive system for you. (Normally stored for 30 days although this can be extended) 
  The unedited transfer DVD discs are then posted out to you, along with our guide sheet, easy to follow instructions and example order forms.
  Once you have received the unedited DVD(s) you can view them using either a DVD player or computer with the time display switched on and select parts you would like to be incorporated in your edited DVD, make a note of the displayed start and finish times on the forms we supply. When completed choose any upgrade options you would like and send us the forms and payment. (You keep your unedited DVD(s), you don't normally have to send them to us because we have a digital copy on our system)
  Following your instructions and timing details on your form, using the digital editing  files we stored for you, we carry out the editing work and produce the  DVD or DVDs to your requirements taking into account any upgradeable options that you have chosen.  
  The DVD (s) are posted to you and once we have received confirmation from you that they have arrived safely and all is OK we will send any additional copies of the DVD you have ordered along with your original video tapes.

How much does it cost ?

 1) The cost of producing the unedited DVDs and digital editing file is £12 for each tape up to 90 minutes duration. This covers most camcorder tapes for longer VHS tapes two or three disc may be required.
2) The cost of carrying out your editing is Just £2.50 for each clip you have selected. Plus £10 for producing the first copy (master) of your edited DVD  ( Upgradeable options available at additional cost)
  Additional / Multiple DVDs £5 or less

How to order ?

  First order Advanced Transfer (unedited) DVD for each VHS or Camcorder tape (for longer VHS tapes two or three disc may be required)

 Stage 1 Advanced Transfer Order Form u

  Once you have received and viewed the unedited DVDs, decided on the clips you want and complete the forms supplied.