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Set up in May 2005 by Michael Plant, DVDedit is a small independent business, specialising in producing DVDs from your VHS Video and Camcorder tapes / disc

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About Our Personal Editor Service

Whether its a family, community or business project, you simple send us your Video tapes, discs etc by post or courier, let us know of anything  your would like to be specifically included or excluded and any other requirements you have and leave the rest to us. We will carry out all the editing and DVD production work for you and can produce as many copies as you want, from 1 up to 1000. We can carry out as much or as little editing work as you want us too, depending on your requirement and budget .


Our personal editor service is available for these Video and Camcorder tape/disc formats:-
VHS, SVHS, VHSC, SVHSC, video8 ,Hi8, Digi8, MiniDV tapes and mini DVD and full size DVD disc.


How does it work ?

When we receive your parcel, we copy all your recorded videotape/ disc material, your chosen music tracks and photographs etc, into editable digital files. The original tapes and other items are then stored ready to be returned to you when your DVD has been completed. If you have given us your e-mail address we send you confirmation of the parcels arrival.

After pre-viewing the contents of the digital files and selecting the best or most appropriate clips, the editing will be carried out, taking into account any specific requests you have made.

Next the Graphic for your DVD disc face and case insert are produced. DVD menu authoring, chapter point selection and title work is carried out and the digital encoding is completed and the master DVD is produced and tested.

The first DVD copy is printed, made up and posted out to you.

Once we receive confirmation the DVD has arrived safely and all is OK, we a will produce and send out additional / multiple DVD's ordered and return all the original tapes / other items you sent to us.

Draft copies review and re-edit facility also available if required.


Initially just give us some details of your requirements or project ideas. I will then e-mail you with some options and prices related to your requirements.

The following information would be helpful

1) Any back ground information about the project i.e. Family Holiday, Wedding, School Play, Company Training Video, etc.   
2) The type of tapes or disc and the total or estimated duration of the recorded material you are looking at sending to us  
3) Other items you would like incorporated i.e. Photographs, Music, from CDs , Titles, End Credits etc.  
4) Any specific requirements relating to the style, presentation, and duration of your edited DVD(s)  
5) An indication of any specific time scale requirements and the number of DVD copies likely to be required.  
6) Anything else that you feel is important or may be helpful  



 Or if you prefer you can phone me direct on

01205 871000



 A quick note about "What our editing services isn't !"

These days with cheap or even free editing software with lots of effects and transitions being readily available many people are jumping on the band wagon and offering 'editing services'. Although we have access to several thousand transitions and effects this is not what our editing is about. I believe that far better results can be achieved by careful selection of the best and most appropriate parts of your video tape footage, skilfully put together with carefully timed cuts, fades, dissolves, overlays and if appropriate specifically constructed effects and sound mixing, producing a DVD  that will stand the test of time. 

The style and feel of your finished DVD(s) will clearly depend on your individual requirements and I feel confident that you will be joining the many customers and clients that have been very happy they found DVDedit.       

Michael Plant





Customers Feedback

Hi Michael, Many thanks for sending the dvd's so quickly, I received everything safely. I just wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent service you have provided. The footage has so much sentimental value to me I was so pleased that you managed to make it into dvd, ill be able to relive the memories again and again!! I will be recommending your service to all my family and friends for sure. I'm so glad I came across your web site when I did.  Pleasure dealing with you

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